Belgravia Square Update November 1 2018

Pile driving on the site has been completed. Steel and concrete work are underway.

There will be an increase in large truck traffic delivering supplies to the site. On occasion the developer will need to stop traffic for a few minutes on 115 St between 76 and 75 Ave to enable trucks to back into the site. Flagpersons will direct traffic.

A City of Edmonton arborist has supervised recent work on the site to prune limbs, cleanly sever roots, and monitor the replacement of soil dislodged from roots during excavation of the parkade on the north side.

If you have any issues or concerns you would like to raise at the weekly Tuesday meetings (between a BCL representative and the project manager), please email

If you have any concerns about activities on the construction site, please first contact Cody Anderson of Niche Development ( or (780) 203-8211). Contact City personnel if Cody does not promptly reply to your concerns. This is the procedure described in the “good neighbour agreement” between the BCL and Niche Development (

Please remember this is a construction site. Please be respectful and remain outside of the fence for your safety, and refrain from viewing the site from neighbouring properties.

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