About the Belgravia Community League

What does the Belgravia Community League (BCL) do? *

The BCL represents the community at its most basic level. It was incorporated June 1, 1954 and is registered as a Society with the provincial government and guided by our bylaws which were originally written in 1966 and recently amended at our June, 2015 AGM. BCL Bylaws 2015

All who volunteer their time and efforts to build a strong, diverse and proactive community include the:

  • Board of Directors
  • Hall Rental Coordinator
  • Rink Manager
  • Belgravian Newsletter editorial team
  • Belgravia Cooperative Playschool (BCP)
  • End of the World (EOW) Committee
  • Belgravia Arts Park (BAP) Committee
  • Hall Renewal Committee

Through these positions, the BCL:

  • supports childcare needs within the community by making the hall available for play school, lunch and play programs during the day.
  • maintains and manages the hall and outdoor rink
  • supports children’s soccer games and stores BelMac soccer equipment.
  • plans community wide events like the fall BBQ, Halloween Pumpkin Party, Family Day celebrations and Made in Belgravia sessions.
  • organizes community meetings for residents to discuss neighbourhood & civics issues.
  • represents the community at the city level on development matters
  • publishes and distributes the Belgravian Newsletter
  • manages the BCL Webpage and other social media
  • raises funds for building and maintaining community resources like the hall, rink, play grounds and Belgravia Arts Park.

Sources of BCL funding *

  1. Each year we apply for an operating grant from the City of Edmonton that covers hall maintenance, electricity, heating and water used at the hall.
  2. BCL Memberships
  3. Donations from community residents.
  4. Hall rental income
  5. Casino (every 20 months or so) funds for (larger projects and designated events)

Benefits of BCL Membership *

A large membership base benefits both the community and community league in numerous ways! The more support the league has in the community, the more events and programming we can offer! The revenue from membership sales helps us maintain our facilities e.g. hall, rink & arts park. A larger membership also strengthens our voice when the league represents Belgravia to the City & Developers on important issues e.g. traffic, parking, public safety & zoning.

Benefits include:

  • Rent the BCL hall (https://belgraviaedmonton.ca/facilities/)
  • BCL member rate for programs and community league events e.g. Fall BBQ, Pumpkin Party, Family Day, Made in Belgravia series
  • Drop-in access to the BCL hall Community Living Room & wifi at the BCL hall
    BCL membership advertising rates in The Belgravian Newsletter
  • Advertising on BCL bulletin boards (located at the doors of BCL hall)
  • Access to the BCL skating rink and other community league rinks in the City with a skate tag (can be requested with membership purchase)
  • Optional inclusion on BCL member email list
  • Participate in City soccer and hockey (S.W.A.T) programs for children
  • 10% discount on annual and multi-admission passes, and monthly memberships at all City of Edmonton recreation facilities (e.g. the Kinsmen Sports Centre)

Where to buy BCL Membership *

  1. At the Community League BBQ
  2. During the door-to-door membership drive in the Fall
  3. When signing up for a BCL program or hall rental
  4. Email our membership director at membership@belgraviaedmonton.ca
  5. Online through the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues at https://efcl.org/membership (extra $5 fee)

Membership pricing: Adult $15, Couple $20, Family $35, Senior (single or couple) $15
Membership year is September 1 – August 31.