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Our hall is used by not-for-profits to promote social and recreational opportunities for BCL members and their families and friends.


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The current BCL hall was completely renewed in 2015 and officially opened on Community League Day September 17, 2016. Find out about the Hall Renewal Project.

Hall accessibility

The main entrance is located on the west side of the building. Additionally, there is ground level access located on the south side of the building on 73rd Ave. The building can also be accessed from 74th Ave.

There is no interior elevator; sloped sidewalks must be used to access different levels.

The McKernan-Belgravia LRT station is four blocks away. Bus transit route #726 stops two blocks from the Community Hall.

Baby changing tables are available in four washrooms.

The Community Hall bathrooms were designed with accessibility in mind. Only the washroom on the Northside, accessible from the outside, has an automatic entrance.

While there are time limitations in some places, street parking is located along 73rd and 74th Avenues and 115th and 116th Streets.

Hall rental rates

Space Capacity Fee/Hour
Upper Hall 60 $30
Upper Hall & Kitchen 60 $40
Lower Hall 68 $40
Lower Hall & Kitchen 68 $50

*There is a 25% discount for Seasonal Term contracts.  For Single Event rentals lasting longer than 4 hours, the rental fee is as listed for the first four hours and $10 less than the listed fee for every hour thereafter.

Rental policies

The Belgravia Community League (BCL) is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization bound by the Tripartite Agreement it has with the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues. The BCL has been formed to meet the social and recreational needs of its members who reside within the defined community league area of Belgravia. Resources managed by the BCL include the Community League Hall and Rink.

  1. All rentals must be made through a person with a current full BCL membership.
  1. The BCL hall is to be used by not-for-profit entities whose purpose is to promote social and recreational opportunities for BCL members and their families and their friends.
  1. Rental arrangements will take the form of a:
    • Single Event Contract (i.e., celebrations); or,
    • Seasonal Term Contract (physical activity classes, creative arts and craft classes, clubs including bridge, knitting, quilting, gardening etc.) in the fall (Sept – December); winter (January – April); spring (May-June); and, summer (July – August)
    • Seasonal Term Contracts must be open to sharing their program participant list to show a majority are Belgravia residents. Seasonal Term contracts are reviewed prior to the end of each season before another one is signed with same user group.
  1. The maximum number of hours the hall can be rented by any one user group is four (4) hours during the week (Monday to Friday) for fall and winter season contracts. Weekend (Saturday/Sunday) single event contracts will be determined by rental event request and hall availability.
  2. The Hall Rental Coordinator draws up a Hall Rental Contract that must be signed by the BCL Member making the rental arrangement. Once that is received along with the rental fee and $500 damage deposit cheques (made out to the Belgravia Community League), the appropriate door for the rental space is programmed to open for the renter at the beginning of the rental period and to lock at the end of it.
  3. The rental space is inspected with the renter during an orientation to the space before the rental period. The Hall Rental Coordinator inspects the space after the rental event and shreds or returns the Damage Deposit cheque when the post-event facility inspection has shown all is in order.
  4. All activity associated with a hall rental contract is to move indoors by 10 pm.
  5. Rink reservations along with a hall rental arrangement can be made in consideration of the posted rink schedule
  6. Alcohol Policy: With consent of the BCL, alcohol can be served on the premises up to 11 pm. The renter must obtain a Liquor License and Liability Insurance * listing the BCL as the Additional Insured party for $2,000,000.00. The Liquor License and Liability Insurance must be shown upon request prior to accessing the hall and posted in the rental area during the time of the rental event. The renter agrees to comply with any conditions imposed on such licenses. Violation of this condition may result in the loss of the damage deposit as well as any additional penalties determined by the BCL. * As a service to community leagues, hall renter Liability Insurance can be obtained from Foster Park Brokers Inc. (FPB) for single event rentals where alcohol is being served. Go to fpb.ca and click on Hall/Rink Insurance to access the on-line application. When completing this application, list the Belgravia Community League as the “Additional Insured.”
  7. The renter undertakes to indemnify and save harmless the BCL for any losses, expenses, or third party claims, including legal costs it may incur arising from third parties or other claims or losses associated with the hall and/or rink during the rental period.

Note: All terms of the BCL Hall Rental Policies are subject to change if deemed necessary by the BCL Board of Directors.


Community Living Room

Entry from Community Living Room to Upper Hall

Upper Hall

Kitchen in Upper Hall

Upper Hall Storage Room with 60 chairs & 10 3′ X 6′ tables

Upper Hall Cleaning Closet & Supplies


South Entryway to Lower Hall

South Entryway to Lower Hall

Lower Main Hall
Lower Main Hall

Lower Kitchen
Lower Kitchen

Lower Storage
Lower Storage

Lower Hall Cleaning Cupboard
Lower Hall Cleaning Cupboard