BCL COVID-19 Neighbourhood Response Team

At the March meeting, the BCL board of directors decided to create a committee to help our community cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. The primary purposes of the committee are to:

1. Assist in the coordination and delivery of “neighbourly assistance” to those in need within Belgravia via the Neighbourhood Response Team

2. Ensure that BCL operations comply with regulations imposed by Alberta’s state of emergency and other local agencies

The Neighbourhood Response Team will serve as a resource for those who need help with tasks such as grocery delivery, errands, dog walking, or snow shoveling as a result of mandatory or voluntary self-isolation, illness and social distancing measures. There are many ways you can help, even offering to chat with a neighbour over the phone! Let us know what you can offer, or what help you need.

To reach the BCL COVID-19 Neighbourhood Response Team to either request assistance or volunteer, email to Michael Cohen (committee chair) at pastpresident@belgraviaedmonton.ca
or call the committee’s cell phone at
780-802-3666 (9am-4pm)

The cell phone will be in the possession of a committee member who is ready to help.

Belgravians wishing to offer assistance will be asked to be aware of and act in accordance with measures that should be taken to protect themselves and others from the virus.

Belgravia has always been a friendly and helpful community, with many of us already helping our neighbours! In this time we encourage you to continue with this neighbourliness in the spirit of community.

Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer has encouraged citizens to “Develop a plan for what might need to change if you and your loved ones need to stay home for two weeks. Talk with your neighbours and friends to see how you can support each other if any of you are in this situation.”

The Response Team encourages Belgravians to check in with neighbours who might be in need of assistance (over the phone, by email or text to follow social distancing guidelines), or to ask the Response Team to reach out to them.

Some issues you may want to plan include:

  • grocery buying and other help around the home,
  • compiling a document with a list of important health information,
  • help with children or pets,
  • coping with self-isolation or illness.

The committee is unable to deliver services that should be handled by professionals, such as advice on mental or physical health or financial needs. Please see these helpful resources as a starting point:

Updates from the City of Edmonton including changes to transit and City Facilities
Updates from Alberta Government, general information on COVID-19, travel advice, Support for Albertans, data on reported cases
Updates from Alberta Health Services, COVID-19 online screening, general advice including ‘How to Prepare and Respond’ and ‘Help in Tough Times’ (directory of Mental Health and community support services), social distancing guidelines
Health Link – call 811 (available 24/7)
Trusted source of health information from Alberta Health Services.

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