Friday Nights at the Hall

Why leave Belgravia for some Friday evening fun once you’re home at the end of a busy week? Starting Friday, February 2, the lower hall will be open from 6:30–9:30 pm for drop-in board and table games including a feature activity facilitated by BCL volunteers keen on making Friday Nights at the Hall happen.

Everyone is welcome: parents and guardians are expected to stay throughout the evening with children under 12.

Bring your favourite board games to add to the mix in the lower hall and check out the feature event in the upper hall. Until further notice, feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks too.

Date & time Lower hall Feature Event in the upper hall BCL Volunteer for Feature event
February 2 Board & table games Nerf Guns (bring your own Nerf gun & eye protection) Nathan Lau
February 9 Board & table games Speed Chess (bring a chess board & a clock if you have them) Irene Andersson & Arthur Tilgmann
February 16 Board & table games How to Make a Pod Cast (bring laptop/tablet) Scott & Alex MacLean
February 23 Board & table games Lego Building (Bring your own to add to the BCL lego collection or take home again at end of evening) Felix Meier-Stephenson
March 1 Board & table games Crokinole (a traditional Canadian dexterity game); Please bring a crokinole board if you have one. Jeanette Boman & Kevin Taft
March 8 Board & table games Feature Movie Irene Andersson & Olivia Hoentjen
March 15 Board & table games Book exchange (trade old books for ones you have not yet read) Scott MacLean
March 22 & 29 Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break

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