Plant Powered Health film series

Plant Powered Health: 2023 Food Revolutions Summit Documentary Screenings

Time: Film 6:30 – 8 pm, followed by discussion & healthy plant-based snacks

Place: Upper BCL Hall

Register: to help us prepare

Join Monika Fouad for a captivating series of documentary screenings from the 2023 Food Revolution Summit. Four films from the series have been selected to stimulate our thinking and discussion about the relationship between the food we eat, our health and the wellness of the planet. There will be plant-based snacks and tea.

February 14: “The End of Heart Disease”
With nearly 18 million lives claimed each year by heart-related conditions, this documentary unveils the power of nutrition in preventing and possibly reversing heart disease. Learn from leading experts pioneering innovative approaches to heart health through the food we eat.

March 13: “The Truth About Your Brain”
As Alzheimer’s rates are projected to triple and mental health challenges surge, this documentary delves into the crucial link between lifestyle and brain health. Discover ground-breaking research that connects our dietary habits to the clarity of our minds and overall mental well-being. Learn how to fortify your brain health & reduce cognitive decline.

April 17: “Earth On The Line”
In preparation for Earth Day on April 22, this film shows the environmental impact of individual dietary choices. Experts discuss how we can all contribute to a more sustainable and thriving planet through dietary choices.

May 15: “Eating to Beat Cancer and Type 2 Diabetes”
Explore the intricate connection between diet and the prevention of cancer and type 2 diabetes, two of the world’s leading health threats. Gain insight into the latest scientific breakthroughs and learn which foods promote cellular vitality and reduce disease risk.

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