Major Development Proposal for Review

A major development proposal for a condo at SW corner of 115 St & 76 Ave by Calgary based Niche Development ( ) & Edmonton based Fleming Development (  involves:

1) taking down the 3 old apartment buildings currently consisting of 18 units on 3 lots; and,

2) replacing them with a 4 story condo of 71 units & underground parking (one car/unit) with a 3 m setback from the City property line or 6.66 meter from the back side of the side walk.

The current zoning for these 3 lots allows for a 4 story structure with a maximum of 32 units. This proposal requires rezoning to allow 71 units i.e., from a RA7 to DC2 (See Note below for more details). The proposed structure from the SW corner (76 Ave /115 St) looks like this:

In comparison, La Grand Scala across the street has 51 units on 4 lots and a building set back of 6 meters from the sidewalk.

Under new zone being requested, the developer is required to discuss their proposal with the community. Following this discussion, they are required to let the City know what the community concerns with the proposed development might be, and how the developer plans to address them. The City in turn hopes for a process where both the developer and the community can agree on the resulting building.

Any questions, comments or concerns about this proposal? E-mail the developers by July 4th,  2017 when the first round of discussions end. Copy (cc) your comments to Fiona Hamilton, the City Development Officer handling this DC2 proposal ( The City will plan a Public Meeting if necessary to address concerns with the developers and community members in one place.

For more information contact your BCL Planning Director, Susan Kamp (

Note:  The RA7 zone allows a 1.4 floor area ratio or, the ratio of living space to the size of the lot.  Under the proposed DC2 zone the floor area ratio increases to 2.5. For current allowances see: The DC2 zone is unspecified as it is the result of discussions between the developer, the community and the city.   Each DC2 zone is different and specific to the site. A RA7 zone has specific rules that apply to all RA7 zoned sites.

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