Made in Belgravia: “Everything I Wished I Had Known When I Started My Post-Secondary Studies … “

Whether starting studies at a university like the U of A, McEwan, Concordia or King’s or a technical program at NAIT or Norquest, everyone has questions about what to expect and often in retrospect, knowledge they wished they had known if they started over again. This month’s Made in Belgravia session is geared towards those who have graduated from high school and are now starting out on a new program of studies.

Belgravia resident and award winning university teacher, Olive Yonge, PhD and Belgravia resident and first year university student, Naomi Caufield will provide their perspectives, questions and thoughts about what new students in any post secondary program should be thinking about as they begin this new phase of their life. Join in the insightful discussion with your own questions and ideas … with a little pizza & pop on the side!

When: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 (6:30 – 8 pm)
Where: Upper BCL Hall
Cost: $5 per person for pizza & pop
RSVP: by September 16, 2019

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