February Made in Belgravia Session: Sleight of Hand Sleight of Mind … the magic behind war propaganda

February 11, 2020 (7 – 8:30 pm), BCL Upper Hall

Greg Hunter, a long time Belgravia resident and retired science teacher with a career spanning 30 years; one that included being a finalist in the 1999 Alberta Excellence in Teaching awards and a frequent presenter at Alberta Teachers’ Conventions and The Centre for Global Education. Greg believes that to understand the world we should rely on evidence and reason. He is particularly interested in how our own cognitive biases can be manipulated by others. A reviewer describes his talks as “multi-media extravaganzas that challenge teachers—and all of us—to never assume that received narratives are necessarily true. Such skepticism is the basis of real democracy.”

Greg is giving 5 talks at this year’s upcoming Teachers Convention. One of those, Sleight of Hand Sleight of Mind … the magic behind war propaganda compares war propagandists to magicians who target our cognitive biases with sensory and psychological misdirection. Greg has offered to share this session with community members interested in the processes that propagandists use. In today’s world, this seems like a timely topic to explore.

Greg suggests checking out the following Free Media link and invites you to bring your own perspectives for a lively discussion:

Refreshments and nibbles will be served. To allow for us to prepare for the session please RSVP to Made in Belgravia (mib@belgraviaedmonton.ca).

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