Community Transportation Study

The community league has decided it’s time to update the community transportation plan. (By transportation, we don’t mean just vehicular traffic, but all the ways we get around – walking, cycling, by public transit, and in wheelchairs.)

We’ve been waiting until the LRT was up and running – and that will be soon. As well, most of you are aware of the signal changes at University Avenue and 115th Street. And all the shortcutting traffic we’ve experienced for years when traffic slows on the periphery of our neighbourhood.

So you are invited to join your neighbours on Monday, March 30 7:30 pm at Belgravia Community League Hall to initiate a discussion of transportation issues. Such a study will take time. This meeting is just the start of what could be a fairly lengthy process.

Because there are no easy answers – solving my problem often causes one (or a worse one) for someone else. And any inconvenience to a short cutter is also likely to inconvenience a resident.

On March 30 we will work on listing the transportation problems residents are experiencing. And we’ll ask for volunteers to continue working on this issue on behalf of their neighbours. Whenever the committee feels there is something to be reported on or questions that need to be answered by the broader community, follow-up meetings will be called.

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