Charles Simmonds Park construction begins

About the project

Construction of the Charles Simmonds Park Renewal is scheduled to begin in July. The existing playground will be replaced with a more natural one that complements the playgrounds in Belgravia and McKernan. The work will also include adding:

  • an accessible pathway from the NE corner to the NW corner of the park
  • benches and picnic tables
  • gazebo

This summer, visit the Pop-up Community Garden in the park’s southeast corner and enjoy watching the plantings grow. A public engagement event will be held in September, date to be announced.

For more information on the project, visit:

If you have questions, contact Michael Frost at

Project donors

The Charles Simmonds Park Renewal Committee would like to thank the community donors who contributed to the park and made this project possible:

  • Margaret Ackman
  • Ani Family
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Carl & Doreen Betke
  • Jeffrey Bisanz
  • Pearl & Bill Brady
  • Sarah Chapelsky
  • Roberta Fraanchuk
  • Daisy Fung
  • Marilyn Johnson
  • Mundane Family
  • Marjorie Purdy
  • Leonard Ratzlaff
  • Kevin & Anna Steffler
  • Peter & Gail Steffler
  • David & Heather Zygun
  • 2 Anonymous Donors

Committee members

  • Murray & Margaret Cann
  • Mary O’Connell
  • David Crittenden
  • Donna Vine
  • Ethan Proctor
  • Michael Frost
  • Kevin Steffler
  • Mary-Pat Schlosser
  • Imogen Sellman
  • Gail Fraser-Steffler

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