Belgravia Square Update – 22nd May 2018

Members of the DC2 committee of the BCL Board continue to meet with the developer each Tuesday morning as per the Good Neighbour Agreement.
The development permit has yet to be issued and the activity you now see on the site is related to the demolition work: the removal of the topsoil down to the clay. The excavation can be up to 5 feet – more or less depending on how deep the topsoil goes.

The demolition crew is placing black earth at the back of the site on the alley (between the fence and the alley). Community residents are welcome to help themselves to this earth. As it is used up more will be added (for the next few days only).

The city forestry personnel assures us that the trees have not been, nor will they be compromised. The Tree Preservation Plan is still being worked on and is a requirement of the development permit. Once the permit is issued, the plans for the building as well as all the accompanying documents like the Tree Preservation Plan will be available for us to see. More on this when the permit is issued.

Please note: the contact for the development is Cody Anderson, Project Manager 780-203-8221
Please contact him directly for any site related issues.

BCL contact:

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