Belgravia School News

The results are in from the Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) and Belgravia students have once again proven their excellence. They did extremely well and consistently scored above the provincial average in all subjects.

Both students and parents were surveyed in May 2008. Some highlights from the students were 100% satisfaction with the teachers helping them when they needed it and all felt that their school work was interesting.

The parent surveys were also very positive indicating satisfaction with the cleanliness of the school; the information that they receive about behavior expectations and the welcome they receive at the school.

They were also very satisfied with the emphasis placed on the 4 core subjects: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.

Students took part in the Terry Fox Run and raised $315. In our small way we have contributed to cancer research in our country and we know that our gift will make a difference in someone’s life.

Parent Dawn Macdonald made a lovely vegetable soup from the harvest in the school garden which was enjoyed by all staff and students.

Please do not forget our upcoming Bake Sale on October 14th and our Bottle Drive on October 18th.

Thank you for your support!

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