Belgravia Dogs Off Leash Site – Change to boundary effective March 1, 2014

In 2013 a new Dogs Off Leash Boundary was established at the southeast part of the area.

Later in 2013, a group of dog walkers expressed a desire to extend the boundary to include the lower trail to the footbridge. The City process requires that adjacent Community Leagues are advised and that a minimum of 66% of adjacent residents are supportive. Following the established process, the group received the support of the Belgravia Community League to undertake a survey of adjacent residents.

This survey received over 70% support of adjacent residents for the addition of the lower trail. In addition, a notice was placed in the Belgravia and McKernan community league newsletters and the City received over 80% support for the proposed changes.

Permanent signage will be installed in the spring. The City website has been updated with a map and the following description.

Saskatchewan Drive top of bank from University Avenue south to the west side of a tree stand across from the intersection at 202 Saskatchewan Drive South and the lower trail to the footbridge.

You can view the City of Edmonton information and map here: Belgravia DOL Notice of addition and map March 1, 2014

If you have any questions, please contact 311. For further information regarding Off Leash sites visit:

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