Belgravia Crime Watch – May 2011

1.  Damage to 2006 Chev Equinox parked in front of residence 11532 – 78 Ave. Edmonton.

Early hours of Sunday morning, May 1st someone had taken a fairly large rock, thrown it at my front windshield, must have thrown it twice as two very bad breaks in the windshield then the rock of course bounced back down on the hood of the vehicle denting it and scratching it badly. Damage estimate $2700. Rock was lying on the ground in front of the vehicle.  Reported to Strathcona EPS Station 11AM same date.


2.  Good Afternoon,  We live on 71 Avenue and have been having nighttime troubles.  Our truck was broken into while parked in our driveway in the front of the house.  They broke the lock on the door but did not manage to get inside.  Since then we have had larger landscape rocks stolen from our front yard, our mirrors bent back on our vehicles and our neighbour’s lights along the sidewalk are getting broken and thrown on our front yard.  Is anyone else having problems with vandalism?

So a reminder to report anything you see that is unusual or suspicious.
My wife spotted someone sauntering down the back alley and requested that we leave our dogs on the main floor as a precaution.
(there goes the furniture!!)

It’s spring, time to be a little more alert.

Belgravia Homeland (without the drones)
….Please be alert and aware.

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