TOUR DE BELGRAVIA! Sunday, June 28th 2020, 2:00pm – 3:30pm

TOUR DE BELGRAVIA! Sunday, June 28th 2020, 2:00pm – 3:30pm

We have planned a fun, safe, and physical-distancing-friendly event to celebrate our amazing community and the arrival of this wonderful warm weather!
You are invited to participate in one of three ways…

1. Riding your bicycle, scooter, rollerblades, wheelchair, skateboard, stroller etc. (anything with wheels that is safe on the sidewalk) along the designated route. Decorate your preferred mode of transportation in advance and wear a creative costume of your choice – and you could even win a PRIZE!
Take a quick break at the Photo Pit Stop (located in the parking lot at Belgravia School) where a pro photographer will take a fun picture of you and your group members! Digital and print copies will be available upon request.

Register for the event by contacting Jeanette (
before Friday, June 26th, 2020.

2. Sharing encouraging and inspiring messages and images with sidewalk chalk art along the designated route – please do this BEFORE the day of the event. You can also create and post supportive signs on your own property if you live along the event route.

3. Finding a safe and physically-distanced location anywhere along the route to spectate and cheer participants during the event!
If you wish to be a part of the judging panel for awarding prizes, you can cast your votes for each award category via email ( or by paper ballot in a labelled box located at the BCL hall. You will also be eligible to win a special draw prize, as thanks for helping us with your vote!

Everyone who is participating in the event is asked to adhere to AHS guidelines:

You are encouraged to wear a mask and stay physically distant.
There is no official start or end point to the event route, and participants can choose to enter and exit at the location and time of their choice.
There is no specified location for spectators, and they can choose to observe at the time and place of their choice.

See you outside and active at the TOUR DE BELGRAVIA!



  • starting at 116 street and 74 avenue
  • R on 115 street
  • R on 73 avenue
  • R on 118 street, passing Vietnamese Alliance Church
  • R on 74 avenue (optional photo pit stop at Belgravia School parking lot)
  • L on 116 street to 76 avenue (intersection with crossing guards) *


  • Continue straight (north) on 116 street, passing St. Paul’s United Church
  • R on 78 avenue
  • L on 115 street, passing Charles Simmonds Park
  • L on 80 avenue
  • L on 119 street
  • L on 76 avenue to 116 street (intersection with crossing guards)*

*Volunteer crossing guards (wearing high visibility vest and hats, and carrying stop signs) will be posted at 116 street and 76 avenue in order to help direct event traffic and to slow vehicle traffic.

You can enter and exit the route at any location, and at the time of your choice during the duration of the event. You and your group members can complete one or both loops, and as much or as little of the route as you wish.

Prize categories will include:
· most colourful costumes
· wildest and wackiest outfits
· biggest participating group (household or cohort family group)
· most creative DIY decorations on wheels

Event updates will be posted on BCL Facebook

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