Thanks to BCL volunteers & friends for the Rink Party!

The Belgravia Rink Party on September 17th was a great success, with over 300 people attending.  Special thanks to principal organizer Sherry Connors and to the following team captains:

Rob Hutchinson and his crew of muscle men – band stage set up, picnic tables and refuse cans

John Murray, Barb & Parker Fjeldberg, and their BBQ crew – kept those BBQ items coming

Barb Krahn, Sheila O’Brein and the kitchen crew – amazing food production line

Therese Gaetz, Will Bauer and the Membership Table – hope that was successful too

Parker Fjeldberg in a category by himself – band liaison, power master/BBQ chef par excellence (supporting the power line at the last minute – stroke of genius)

Barb Fjeldberg – tireless master shopper – even for that last minute exchange for vegetarian beans

Marcel & Gwen on the fire pit – kept us all safe

Heather Gomme and her crew of ladies on the Jumpy Thing- kept those kids safe! (even when they didn’t want to be…)

And to all of you who got donations for the event – thanks– Barb Fjeldberg got the balloon donations which were a big hit with the kids.

A tip of the hat to the two playground program leaders from the city, Camille and Deana, and to City of Edmonton community recreation coordinator Kate Russell for all her support.  Looking forward to next year, we are!

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