Proposed increase of fine for residential parking zones: $50 to $75?

We’re interested in your comments on this.  A lot of work has been over the past years to implement the residential parking program and it seems to have the desired effect of reducing non-resident parking.  However, we know that it can create inconveniences for well-meaning residents who generally comply, but might get “caught” (or their guests) without a permit.  If you have concerns related to this, please forward your comments and cc BCL, as indicated below.

Please note that the city administration is contemplating some changes to the Traffic Bylaw, including a move to raise the fine for people parking in restricted residential parking zones without the proper permit. The fine currently sits at $50. It is due to be raised to $75.

The city administration welcomes your feedback on this change. Please forward your comments to Ryan Pleckaitis, director of the complaints and investigations division of the community standards branch, at

If you send a comment to Ryan, please cc the Belgravia Community League:

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