On-Street Bicycle Routes in Edmonton: City Survey

Do you have opinions about on-street bike routes in Edmonton?

You have an opportunity to voice your opinions to the City.

An online survey will be available to collect your feedback starting on February 12, 2013, at the City of Edmonton website:


The City of Edmonton plans to install a total of almost 500 km of on-street bike routes. To date, about 76 km have been completed. In 2013, the City is planning to install another 23 km. If improvements are to be made, the time to make them is now.

Your feedback is critical to ensuring that bike routes are safe and effective and that our tax dollars are well spent.

The community of Blue Quill has had on-street bike routes since 2011. From this experience, a general conclusion has been made by the Blue Quill T ransportation/Development Committee that bike routes should not be placed first on quieter residential streets, rather that the priority should be to establish bike routes on busier roads, where safety of bikers is more of a concern. This requires changes to current planning.

A summary of comments from Blue Quill can be found in a letter that was written to Councillor Don Iveson in November, 2012. This letter contains recommendations, results of a survey of approximately 400 residents and bike counts before and after the installation of bike lanes. (Bike counts decreased after the installation.) This letter may be found at:


Please forward this e-mail to friends and neighbours and encourage them to respond to the survey.

Brenda Pullen, Chair, Subcommittee for Cycling Corridors

Blue Quill Transportation/Development Committee

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