Good News for Scona Pool

In case you haven’t yet heard the fantastic news, Scona Pool has been placed back into the city’s base operating budget!

What does this mean?
Well, it means that Friends of Scona Pool doesn’t have to go back to council year after year asking for another year of operations.  Scona Pool will be operating indefinitely.

What about the facility upgrades?
This budget does not give any money towards the capital upgrades that are required to keep Scona Pool in good repair.  It also does not specify what Scona Pool will look like in the future as a result of these capital investments – whether it will be exactly as it is now, moved to a nearby location or simply upgraded.

What’s next for Scona Pool and supporters of Scona Pool?
There’s lots to do:

  • Keep swimming, keep swimming, keep swimming. City council was really impressed with the increase in user numbers and the community action projects that Friends of Scona Pool produced over the past number of months.  We need to show them that this is the real thing and that they can expect the pool will continue to be used in the future as it is today.
  • If you’ve got ideas to make the pool a great place to be, act on it!
  • Send an email or letter to City Council, letting them know that you appreciate their decision.  You can find contact information at

See you at the pool!

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