Family Day Fun

Come out and join in the fun on Monday February 20th.

  • The activities will take place at the hall between 2-5 pm and the Belgravia Classic will start at 5:3o pm if there is still ice after this warm snap.
  • Try out the kicks sleds on Mt. Belgravia, make amores (please bring roasting sticks if you have them), drink hot chocolate around the fire pit, play with an indoor Fun Bag, Connect 4 and Giant Jenga set in the lower hall.
  • Enjoy a potluck meal in the upper Hall. Bring a favorite family dish to share and we will all enjoy a communal feast! The BCL will provide ingredient signs, plates, cups and utensils. Supper will begin at 4:00 pm.
  • Bring your skates, helmet and hockey sticks for some shinny at 5:30 for our very own Belgravia ‘Heritage’ Classic.

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