Belgravia Square Update June 12th 2018 – Development Permit Approved

The Developer has had the permit for Belgravia Square approved.
See the permit here

Anyone wishing to appeal has 21 days (until the 29th of June) to appeal to the Subdivision Development and Appeal Board.
A successful appeal must be able to prove that the Development Officer has not followed the intent of the DC2 Zone (Bylaw 18306) passed by Council on the 26th of February.
See the DC2 Zone Bylaw 18306 here

The site will not see much activity for the next week or two other than the completion of the excavation. Following that, there will be a couple of weeks of pile driving. This will create some vibrations in nearby homes but there should not be any movement. This process will be noisy but we are promised there will be no work outside what is allowed in the Bylaw and what was promised in the Good Neighbour Agreement Noise Protocol:

Respect regulations for construction hours of work, noise, vibration and light intrusion, and minimize radio volumes, shouting, offensive language, equipment noise, and idling.

Noise from construction work will comply with City Bylaws, unless an exception is granted by the City of Edmonton. A person shall not cause or permit any construction activity:

Before 7 AM or after 9 PM on any day other than Sunday or a holiday;
Before 9 AM or after 7 PM on any Sunday and holiday; or
At any time contrary to a written notice issued by the City

No outdoor construction planned on weekends.

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