Metro 78 public hearing before Edmonton City Council

Tuesday Sept 13, approximately 2 pm

A developer is proposing to erect two seven-story towers at 78 St and the LRT tracks, replacing four houses and the cul-de-sac. This is a major change from the four-storey buildings permitted in the McKernan-Belgravia LRT Station Area Redevelopment Plan. The BCL board and nearby neighbours are concerned that this development is far too large for the site, and surveys of Belgravia and McKernan residents have shown strong opposition to Metro 78. Council’s decision on this proposal will set a precedent for all future developments along the LRT tracks from University Ave to 71 Ave.

The BCL board encourages Belgravians to express their opinion on Metro 78 by sending letters to City Council and/or attending the public hearing on Sept 13.
If you wish to write a letter:
Needs to be emailed to the City Clerk (email to, ideally by Sept 9.
Specify that it relates to “Agenda Items 3.21 to 3.24, for the September 13 meeting of the City Council Hearing”.
If you have already sent a letter previously, you can reuse it (assuming it is still relevant), given we have a a new Council.
Letters will be distributed to all Councillors, and will be publicly available.
Registering to speak: – click on the blue box below the calendar that says “Request to Speak”

Hearing agenda:

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