Belgravia Hub: Letter from Leslie

BCL Executive recently met with Leslie to find out more about her plans for the current location of Belgravia Books and Treasures.  She wanted to update Belgravia residents on the plans afoot and we’re glad to share this with you.  Should you have any particular concerns, please contact me at   DR

Hello Belgravia,

I am sending out this letter to introduce myself and describe my intentions for the space you now fondly know as Belgravia Books.  My name is Leslie McGlennon and I’m a journeyman cook, apprentice baker, and mother of 3 teenage girls.

I was born and raised in Edmonton and have now lived in the community of North Glenora for almost 18 years.  For a short time I lived in Belgravia while attending the U of A.  I remember how great it was to walk to Sunrise Grocery, where Belgravia Books is now, to pick up milk, bread, and rent a few VHS tapes.  I’ve always loved Belgravia; older neighborhoods like ours have a special vibe and a real sense of community.  It is for these reasons I want to establish my restaurant, The Belgravia Hub, in your neighborhood.

The Belgravia Hub will be a cozy 43-seat restaurant that will be established in the existing space at 7609 – 115 Street that Belgravia Books now occupies.  This is not a building tear down or expansion.  The only exterior change will be a new front window, and upgraded exterior façade with our business signage.

The Belgravia Hub will feature a full service menu, created by myself and my two well qualified cooks Sarah and Lindsey.  The menu will change seasonally and will incorporate products from a number of local producers. It will include a number of items for children, and will feature a variety of wines and local draft beers.  Menu items will be moderately priced in order to serve the diverse incomes of the area.  As we will be opening in the winter, think about grilled cornbread with jalapeno jelly, braised shortribs over roasted garlic mashed and a warm bread pudding with crème anglais.

It is very much our hope to attract a pedestrian clientele, and we will provide covered bike racks for our wheeled friends.  We will be open Tuesday- Thursday 4-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 4-12 p.m., with a possible brunch on Sunday.  We plan on being closed on Mondays.  Our hours have been set with consideration to our neighboring business, Gracious Goods, who are open during the morning and afternoon exclusively.  Not only is this a good neighbor policy but will also result in no competition over parking on the adjacent service road on 115th Street.

I hope this letter answers a lot of your questions and concerns as I’ve heard there are an abundance of rumors that have surfaced.  We hope to be a welcome addition to Belgravia and serve the community for several years to come.


Leslie McGlennon


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