Balmoral redevelopment & South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition response

Many Belgravia residents will be aware through recent media reports that the South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition (SCNC) has asked for court intervention in relation to development on the University of Alberta’s South Campus.  Belgravia is a member of the SCNC.

Although the headlines focussed on the under-construction radioisotope facility, the key issue is ensuring that the University follows its mandated and legal obligations for community consultation.  The position of SCNC is that these obligations have not been met.  Consequently, the legal filing.

Beyond this, the University’s overall approach to current project development and planning on South Campus has not been consistent with its long range development plan, completed in 2002 and in which neighbourhoods were substantially consulted.

For more information and background on this, the SCNC’s recent circular (December 2, 2011), delivered to Belgravia households with the most recent BCL newsletter, is a good resource.

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