Your Very Own Holiday Market – 2023 Edition

When: Wed, December 6, 2023 (5–8 pm) Where: BCL Hall –

Our annual Belgravia Holiday market is almost here! Choose from an impressive collection of products by local creators.

2023 Holiday Market Participants

  • Paul Bird (Handmade knives)
  • Cathy Compston (Watercolour paintings)
  • Heidi Cheung (Handmade cards, soaps & decorations)
  • Christine Taylor & Olivia (Baking)
  • Pat Galbraith (Watercolour cards, paintings, sculptures)
  • JoAnne Hamilton (Knitted toques, mittens, shawls)
  • Sonia Roopra (Knitting)
  • Louise & Imogen Selman (Knitting, home decor, toiletries)
  • Heather Kerr (Stained glass pieces)
  • Katherine Koller & Ruby Swanson (Local authors)
  • Sheila Laughton (Jewellery)
  • Elaine Leslie, Graeme & Russell (Crafts by kids)
  • Kerry & Eugene Maguire (Belgravia Honey)
  • Juliet McMaster (Juvenilia Press publications)
  • Jane de Caen (Pottery)
  • Anita Nawrocki (Postage stamp art, bookmarks)
  • Sue Bates (Chocolates)
  • Daron Donahue (Wood working)
  • Dawn Terry (Gemstones, scarves)
  • Olivia Viminitz (Toques, mittens, baking, candies)
  • Toni Wittenberg (Knitted Christmas Stockings)
  • Bonnie Walter (Green & Gold Garden Rwandan handcrafts)
  • Darlene Williams (Handwoven tea towels)
  • Mia Eckersley (Plantings, bath bombs)
  • Hazel Estabrooks & Alma Tilgmann (Sewing items)
  • Dong Family (Bracelets)
  • Audrey Hildebrand (Jewellery)
  • Rekha Sharma (Jewellery, handmade cards)
  • Slovia (Art)

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