Stay safe around melting ice

As winter nears an end and the deep-freeze lifts, our community members might be looking for a few last opportunities to skate with their friends and family. If you’re looking for a safe skating destination, consider our community’s outdoor rink located on the north side of the BCL Hall.

EPCOR awarded our league with a Community Rink Grant to help maintain the rink this winter as part of their annual education campaign reminding Edmontonians about the dangers of recreating on stormwater facilities. Skating rinks may look like still ponds, but they are actually working facilities with water moving beneath the surface. This makes the ice dangerously unpredictable.

Let’s work together to remind friends, family and neighbours to choose a safe location to enjoy the outdoors! #skatesafeyeg

Learn more about skating safely in your community.

About the BCL rink

  • As a member benefit, you can access the BCL rink and all city community league rinks with your 2023-2024 BCL membership skate tag
  • The skate change room is open 8 AM–10 PM daily; lights are kept on until 9:45 PM
  • A schedule with protected times for family skates vs. hockey action is posted near the entrance to the ice

If you don’t already have a BCL membership, you can purchase one here.

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