Made in Belgravia: Balance and Focus Class with Anthony Zeberoff

Learn how to improve your balance, core strength, and mental focus. In this class we will use a set of tools including wooden blocks, a standalone slackline, and ultimately a slackline (tight rope) between two trees of any length from 10’ to 300’. All ages are welcome!

Anthony was a frequent rock climber. After having his son he needed an activity that was close to home. That’s when he got serious about slacklining and has since fallen in love with the activity. In Anthony’s words, “Slacklining has improved my overall quality of life from focusing on problems at work, to running, skiing, and skating. Slacklining has this incredible way to connect your body and mind, known as proprioception, and it really engages many muscle groups often ignored.”

Whether you run, walk, bike, ski, skate, etc., and want to see improvements, or are just curious about what this is about, then come give it a try!

When: July 24, 2019; 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Where: Meet in the upper hall
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