Decorative Streetlight Clarification



As property owners in Belgravia have begun receiving their EOIs for the decorative streetlights, some common questions are arising.

1. Only, the incremental costs associated with the decorative streetlights are

being addressed at this time. Any other costs associated with neighbourhood

renewal are not optional and are therefore not relevant to decision regarding


2. Only an estimate of the cost of the decorative streetlights can be provided at

this point. The estimate is based upon the average 50 ft. frontage in Belgravia.

That is, the average front length is 15.24m (50 feet). The cash rate per meter

is $12.70.

A lump sum payment of 15.24 m x $12.70 = $193.55


A yearly rate of $1.00 x 15.24 m paid over 15 years = $233.10 or $15.54 per


3. At this stage only the conceptual unit rate for decorative streetlights was

incorporated in the EOI letter and is subject to change. Once we have 50% +1

responses in favour of the decorative streetlights, the City will proceed with

preliminary rates and perform calculations for each property.

4. People living in condominiums might receive multiple EOIs. There will be a

cost associated with each tax number, albeit a very minimal cost. The property

front and/or flank length distributes evenly between all condo accounts

including storage spaces and parking lots.

5. For people with corner properties the following is the explanation for how they

will be assessed. Corner lots that abut and flank proposed local improvement

construction (sidewalks on both the front and side of the property) will be

assessed the full rate on the short side (frontage) and 15 per cent of the length

of the long side (flankage). For more information go to: https://


6. Signed responses can be submitted in the following ways:

a. Deliver to Laurie de Grace at 7606 – 118 Street.

b. Scan and email to

All responses received will be delivered to the City by November 15, 2016 which in turn will be added in with any responses that were sent directly to The City.

If you have further questions please contact

If you have misplaced your EOI you can print off and use the following blank form: blank-eoi-form


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