Attempted breakins…AGAIN on a MONDAY!

From Const Maione:

Hi Richard: ,For the communities information there was an attempted Break and Enter in the area of 76 avenue and 119 street. The bad guy was ringing the door bell and when there was no answer he went to the back yard and tried to enter the house through the patio. Elderly female inside the home yelled out and bad guy said he was looking for his dog. He is described as 40ish, thin build, white or native, large sunglasses, tight jeans, dark clothing, and a baseball cap. Any information regarding this or similar occurrences please forward information to myself. If people see a male in the community matching this description who is acting suspicious please encourage the residents in the community to contact the dispatch line and report a suspicious male/activity.

I was also advised of this by the owner and her neighbour.. thank you for reporting it

On the early afternoon of Monday 28th. Sept. a man tried to break into my home. He was approx. 5ft. 8ins. and very thin. He wore a peeked cap, very dark, wrap around, large sunglasses and dark, tight jeans with a dark, tight jean jacket. Since his face was half covered by the dark glasses I can only describe it as long and thin. He probably was Native Indian. The police came to my home.
Richard please oblige me by adding my add. to your mailing list.

There is also rumour of a breakin on Sask drive and 79th and possibly one on 76th and 119th as well.

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