Family Day: Unplugged

Disconnect to Connect

Spend Family Day Unplugged

Challenge your family to spend time away from technology

The City of Edmonton has joined 21 municipalities in the Edmonton Evergreen FCSS Region to challenge residents to unplug from technology and reconnect with family and friends on Family Day, February 18, 2013.

Participating municipalities are challenging each other to see which can log the most time unplugged. Families can log their hours on February 19 by visiting They can also share their stories on Facebook.

Residents have until February 20 to submit the number of hours they unplugged on Family Day.

Why Unplug?

  • In 2009, 12% of Canadian children and youth met the physical activity guidelines of 90 minutes per day. (ParticiACTION)
  • By graduation, the average teen will have spent more time watching screens than being in the classroom, playing sports and talking to their parents. (
  • Teens that have more than three family dinners per week are more likely to get better grades. (Casa, 2009)

In 2012, the collective unplugged total of 18 participating municipalities was more than 121,032 hours.

Edmonton Community League Challenge

EFCL has partnered with the City of Edmonton to launch a friendly competition to see which community league can log the most unplugged hours.

On Family Day weekend Community leagues are encouraged to disconnect from technology and CONNECT with their family and friends to see which of the participating communities leagues can connect the most.

On February 19, leagues can record their community leagues combined hours.

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