Edmonton Clinic Pedestrian Access

Any of you who have crossed University Avenue at 115th Street and tried to continue due north in the last month will have noticed that that is now impossible.

Don’t worry – the signs informing you of the possible detours were ordered on September 3.  Sadly, community requests on September 22 that at least small signs be put up temporarily have been ignored.

Here’s the gist of the situation.  You can choose between 114th Street and 116th Street for north-south travel until sometime in 2012.  And, we were assured, that is not all that far away. If you are biking, the City has designated the sidewalk on the west side of 114th between University Avenue and 87th Avenue as a multi-use trail (meaning bikes are legal)  until the new, improved bike and pedestrian route through the Edmonton Clinic site is reopened in four years.

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