BCL Bylaws & Policies

In reviewing our most current (1966) Belgravia Community League Edmonton Bylaws we were relieved to note that indeed, “Members of the female sex shall have equal rights to those of the male sex; and shall be eligible for any office in the League.” ………….

The Bylaws are being revised and changes will be ratified at the 2009 AGM. Board members are elected or acclaimed and may vote on league matters inside and outside of AGM. They may not be paid positions. These positions include Chairs of Transportation. Housing and Development, Civics, Programs, Fundraising, Membership, Hall Maintenance, and Hall Rental as well as the Core Executive of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Past-President. The President does not have a vote except in the case of a tie, in which case he/she casts the tie-breaking vote. Term of Office – All Board members shall agree to a 2 year term. To maintain continuity term conclusion dates will be staggered.

Executive meetings are held monthly and are open to all community members. Minutes and agendas will be posted on the website.

Standard agenda format is followed with time given to each board member, followed by Committee and other reports. All reports are assumed to be “report only” with opportunity for questions, unless otherwise identified.

a.) For Non-voting members, or for board members who request additional time to the standard 3 – 5 minutes, Send “Request to Speak” note to secretary, (or to the board person to whom they are responsible, who will forward item) one week in advance of monthly meetingdate. That allows board to prepare for the item. To be fair to all attendees, failure to comply with time lines may result in item not being put on the agenda, discussion cut short, or for decision making tabled to a subsequent meeting.

b.) Identify the item as Report Only, Request for Discussion, Request for BCL Funding Assistance or any combination of above. Identify how much time you require to present and have discussion on item. Attach any supporting documents.

c.) Issue tentatively scheduled by secretary, and requesting member is given an indication of what the time the issue will be heard on the agenda. In some instances items may be time-specific. An example is CRC’s request to be scheduled at 8:30 to accommodate her need to attend another community leagues meeting the same night.

d.) Secretary will review item and any supporting documents. She / he will highlight issues arising for President’s consideration and forward information to President.

e.) President or his / her designate will review documents. Will respond to, or seek clarification from person submitting request or will merely request secretary to forward supporting documents to Voting members. After discussion with member, President may instead determine that item should not be on the agenda. He / She will inform member and will direct Secretary to not include item on the agenda.

Submitted Parker Fjeldberg and Gwen Berdan

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