Update: Parking and Transportation in Belgravia

Based on input from the May 3oth community meeting and follow-up communications with community members, the Belgravia Community League’s Transportation Committee (BCLTC) has prepared a four phase plan to make Belgravia a safer community for pedestrians and those of us who live here. In short we want to: 1) reduce cut through traffic; 2) decrease speeding vehicles; and, 3) decrease parking congestion by non-residents.  Below is a summary of the plan.  You can find a .pdf of the full plan here.

We wish to ensure full opportunity for community input and response to the proposed changes. We have been expanding our e-mail list to inform as many people as possible. Please ask your friends and neighbours if they are on the list. To be added, contact vicepresident@belgraviaedmonton.ca

While the City Transportation Department has expressed some initial resistance to parking and stop sign proposals in Belgravia, members of the BCLTC will meet with Councilor Ben Henderson and City Transportation Department representatives on August 30, 2011. Knowing we have strong community support for the proposals as well as Councilor Henderson’s involvement, we expect to find solutions to the traffic problems in Belgravia from some or all of the following proposed changes:

Phase 1 (Agreement by September 15, 2011 and implementation by October 31, 2011)

(1) comprehensive parking regulations to remove all non-resident day parking

(2) four way stop systems at selected intersections (along 115 St. and potentially at 116 St.&76 Ave);

(3) clearly marked pedestrian crossings and speed bumps at crossing areas by Belgravia school on 74 Ave;

(4) reduction of some speed limits

(5) additional signage and enforcement of existing regulations for traffic from the UAH complex;

(6) enforcement of intersection blockage prohibitions at 76 Ave. & 115 St.;

(7) new median lane markings and enforcement on 76 Ave. from 114 St. to Saskatchewan Dr.

Phase 2 (Agreement by October 31, 2011 and implementation by December 15, 2011)

(1) design and installation of signage systems to prohibit right turns east bound from  76 Ave. onto 114 St. and south from University Ave. on to 115 St. during afternoon rush hours;

(2) closure of a one lane cut through road south from University Ave. and west of 119 St.

Phase 3 (Agreement by January 1, 2012 and implementation by May 1, 2012)

(1) installation of a motion activated, sensor traffic signal system at Saskatchewan Dr. and University Ave.

(2) a study to improve signage for south turning lanes and the sequencing of the signals systems on University Ave. through 115 St. to 114 St.

Phase 4 (Agreement by January 1, 2012 and implementation by September 1, 2012)

(1) design and construct a single lane turn-around at Saskatchewan Dr. and 76 Ave. modeled on similar installations Crestwood and Sherwood Park;

(2) a single parking permit parking zone for the entire Belgravia community.

For more information or comment, please contact the Belgravia Community League Transportation Committee at: transportation@belgraviaedmonton.ca

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