Update: Belgravia Transportation and Parking Matters

Since our last newsletter and website reports to the community at the end of August, parking and transportation issues in Belgravia are slowly being addressed in one way or another.

One of the most interesting observations is the change in traffic congestion along 76 Ave during afternoon rush hours since the completion of various road work projects around the city. Incidents of road rage at the 4 way stop intersection of 115 St and 76 Ave seem to be diminishing.

A related concern is all day parking zones along streets and avenues close to the LRT station.  This contributes to congestion within the community by non-residents parking for long periods of time.  Dave Kinsman, a Supervisor in City Traffic Operations has visited and walked these areas with BCL Transportation and Parking (BCL T & P) committee members. Two and three hour restricted parking along 115th and 116th streets as well as 73 Ave. along side the Arts Park, Community League building and school grounds has now been implemented.

Other moves to two hour restricted parking in residential areas along 118th and 119th Streets and Saskatchewan Drive (all between 74th and 76 Avenue) are proceeding.  The BCL T & P committee has been helping residents organize petitions to implement these changes..

Thanks to Gil Reschenthaler, past chair of the BCL T & P committee for his devoted efforts to find overall solutions to specific traffic and parking problems in the community. His stepping down at the end of the summer calls for our building-up the committee again and thinking about how traffic and parking affects the ‘integrity of Belgravia as a community’. David Ridley (president@belgraviaedmonton.ca) and Jeanette Boman (vicepresident@belgraviaedmonotn.ca) welcome Michelle Green, a resident in Belgravia since the mid-90’s to the committee.

If you have an interest in how we can think about the ‘big picture’ when it comes to traffic and parking matters in Belgravia, there is room for more thinking about keeping Belgravia a great place to safely live, work and play.

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