Update August 31st: Belgravia Traffic & meeting with Ben Henderson

Dear Belgravia residents,

Thank you for your responses to the neighbourhood consultation on traffic and parking issues.   The BCL transportation committee continues to gather feedback from residents on specific issues and potential solutions to these issues

We recently (August 30th) met with Councillor Ben Henderson and City Transportation staff to further discuss the issues in the neighbourhood in relation to cut-through traffic (and the host of related issues this creates), non-resident day parking and the difficulties of resident access and exit to the neighbourhood, particularly at afternoon peak hours. From this meeting, we can report that:

1. We anticipate that most non-resident day parking issues can addressed by implementing 2-hour restricted parking zones along 115th and 116th streets, as well as along other streets in Belgravia where the parking program has already been implemented (e.g. 73rd Avenue).

This will require block to block petitions that the BCL Transportation and Parking Committee will organize and carry out (as per City requirement, requiring 2/3 support of eligible signatures along a roadway) and then validation of the petition before signage goes up.

2. Addressing cut-through traffic and related issues is a very complex situation and City Transportation will not implement the neighbourhood’s proposed solutions without a further community consultation process, as required by City Council and administration. We will provide additional information on this process when we receive it, but we anticipate that, depending on the results of the consultation, any significant changes will take a minimum of one year and perhaps as long as 3 years to implement.

We will require a petition signed by at least 25 per cent of the residents of the over 900 residential units in the community to induce the City to move to review the overall traffic situation in the community-– such as cut through, access and exit issues etc. We currently have 185 residents on our e-mail list and some of those occupy the same residence, so need to expand contact with neighbourhood residents.

3. We anticipate that stop signs will be erected along 115th Street at 80th and 74th Avenue, to (hopefully) reduce speeding and improve pedestrian safety (particularly in crossing 115th at 74th Ave towards Belgravia Elementary School).

4. Finally, we encourage all Belgravia residents to stay involved by subscribing to the www.belgraviaedmonton.ca website and encouraging their neighbors to join the e-mail list (contact vicepresident@belgraviaedmonton.ca to add your e-mail address), which will notify you on further updates, neighbourhood meetings and calls for additional input. We do not anticipate adoption of any other of the proposals generated in the community consultation, beyond parking and the two way stop systems as noted above, being implemented in the near future.

Thanks again for your active involvement and responses.

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