Nov/Dec BCL Newsletter

President’s Message

Hello all. I hope everything is going well this fall as you prepare for the festive season. I wanted to draw your attention to a few things that are happening in the community. The first is that we have started to rework the content on our website. We are hoping to put together a team that will work on keeping information on the website updated and current. As some of you are aware the way information is getting around has been making considerable changes in the last decade. We need people who are interested in working on a social media team (Webpage, Facebook, Twitter and the newsletter) to help keep our community updated and informed with the understanding we still need to remember that not everyone has access to the internet. Please email or call me or anyone on the BCL board if you are interested in working on this project.

If you have children 11 to 14 you should consider the community cruiser program that is running this winter again. My information tells me that all the kids that participated last year had a great time including my daughter Autumn. See the information below this column. A special thanks to Gwen Berdan for working with the city and community league to get this program going again.

Hopefully this newsletter gets to most your homes in time for you to consider the Empowering Edmonton event. This is promising to be a very exciting day with five of Edmonton’s best motivational speakers including Belgravia’s own Jim Yih, the treasurer of the BCL. Please look in the newsletter for more information or on the web at

On a final note it looks like the Condos beside the United Church are getting closer to the construction phase with about 18 units being sold. If you are interested in one of these or in the plans please have a look at It is looking like we may see the start of construction in the next year or so.

Oh yea, one more thing…. Go Riders!

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