Changes to University Avenue at 115 and 115A Streets

Community Meeting

Issue: Changes to University Avenue at 115th Street and 115A Street
Belgravia Community League Hall
Monday, February 9, 2009  7:30 PM

Follow-up to the hastily called meeting of January 22. (So hastily called that many of you may not have heard of it.)

Alberta Health Services report:

“Alberta Health Services have accepted the recommendations presented by residents at the January 22nd meeting and revised their plans. The plan, which has been approved by the City of Edmonton Transportation Department, includes:

  • there will be no changes at 115 A Street (we will reinstate the median to what it originally was)
  • there will be no changes south of University Avenue at 115 Street
  • traffic lights at 115 Street
  • left hand turn in both directions on University Avenue at 115 Street
  • supplementary paint lines guiding traffic on the roadway and signage as required.”

They will present these plans on February 9.  Please join us if you have questions or simply want more information on this issue.

Belgravia Community League Executive

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