Police contacts and file numbers

On November 11, 2013 a white half ton truck was seen doing wheelies in the middle of the Belgravia Arts Park. The off-road tracks were later discovered through other park land areas between the hall and the rink, on the basketball tarmac area and baseball/soccer fields west of Belgravia School as well as boulevards along 74th Avenue and 116th Street where parking signs were flattened to the ground. Charles Simmons Park was also targeted leaving deep ruts and circles of tire tracks in the central area of the park.
The BCL has filed a report with the police. If you see any such activity IN PROGRESS (officially called Stunting With Vehicle), call 911 to report it. Recording a license of any offending vehicles would be helpful as well as a photograph but NOT if getting such evidence places you in harm’s way.
Coming across off-road vehicle driving marks AFTER the incident should still be reported to the police. Call 780 423 4567 and refer to File # 13-158336.
Another incidence of vandalism this past fall has been associated with a group of young men gathering in the SW corner of the Arts Park. Energy drink bottles have been frequently left behind as well as one incidence of a bong, commonly used to smoke cannabis, tobacco or other herbal substances. On the morning of October 30, 2013, two of the glass blocks at the base of one of the sculptures in the park were shattered.
The BCL has reported these incidents to the police. File # 13-158338 has been established for reporting any further evidence of damage to sculptures in the Arts Park. Please call 780 423 4567 to report damage to the sculptures at the park. If you see suspicious activity IN PROGRESS, call 911.

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