Made in Belgravia: Batseekers! May 28, 8 pm

Made In Belgravia: Batseekers

Would you like to listen to bats calling during flight on your evening walk and nature hikes? Then the Batseeker 1 is the gadget for you, made right here in Belgravia by John and 10 year-old Philip Bowman!

The Batseeker 1 is perfect for budding scientists, nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and educators.

Come out to the May 28 Made In Belgravia series at the BCL hall and hear John and Philip explain how they make their Batseeker 1 device and how it works.

Their talk begins at 8 pm through to 9 pm with some ‘bat snacks’ on the side. Those with a later bedtime can reconviene at 10:30 pm for a short walk through the neighbourhood to check out the ultrasonic bat calls in Belgravia.

If we’re lucky, we might even hear them feeding, hopefully on mosquitos!


Cover charge for BCL members ($5); non-BCL members ($10)

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