End of the World Committee Update (Summer 2014)

June 4, 2014

Park Rangers’ update:

-Travis Young (Park Ranger) informed us that a request for 8 signs, for the EOTW site, was sent in to the city.  Only 1 was installed.  More are on order so that they can be installed at each access point.

-Signs say, “Designated Prohibited Area” which covers parkland bylaw # 2202.


-Tickets will be handed out by the park ranger(s) to individuals at the site.  A ranger can “hold” a person until they are identified in order to issue them a ticket.

-Our Community Liaison are:

Terance Mak: Terance.Mak@edmontonpolice.ca

Jeremy Wickens: Jeremy.wickens@edmontonpolice.ca


Call Park Rangers & Police to report any complaints or illegal activity at the “End of the World.”

Step 1: call RSOT cell: 587-988-0941 (Ranger Special Operations Team) Rangers will likely respond quicker than police during the summer months.

If you do not get through to someone… then call:

Step 2: call Ranger cell: 780-496-2959

** also phone the police as park ranger files do not connect with police files for tracking activity at the EOTW site.**

Step 3: call the Police

-911 – for emergencies only

-General complaint line 780-423-4567 and give them this event number (Event # 13455606)

and the End of the World address 7450 Saskatchewan Drive

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