DFAC (Declutter for a Cause) Update

Thank you to everybody who participated in the Declutter for a Cause event on June 29! Despite the semi-cooperative weather, a wonderful time was had by all, including declutterers, swappers and shoppers, Belgravia families and our charity partners.

The Edmonton Food Bank and the Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART) reported that the event was a huge success from their point of view and both asked to be invited back next year if the event is held again. The Edmonton Food Bank reported that they collected $509 and 75 kilograms of food, while HART reported they collected $550 in addition to in-kind donations of blankets and dog toys.

While the dollar amounts do not seem large, remember that everything was up for swap for a $1 donation or 1 item donation, which means we swapped over 1,500 items between neighbours and the larger community. The items swapped ranged from small to large, from tons of books, clothes and household items, to beautiful bicycles, scooters, a tandem attachment, a foosball table, golf clubs, play equipment, a mini-fridge and large dollhouses.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen events, our final charity partner, the Canadian Diabetes Association, was unable to pick up the remaining items for donation. As a result, we contacted the Salvation Army, which picked up approximately 60 to 80 boxes of items. These will be sold in their thrift stores to continue the cycle of community support.

Finally, we need to thank our amazing volunteers, who put in over 100 collective hours and paid out of their own pocket for things such as the volunteer’s lunch, lemonade stand and sundry supplies. Thanks to Jane Z, Heather W, Carleen E, Carla O, Liz Y, Jim Y, Gillian M, Margaret A, Christy B, Lan Huong N, Tuan N, Sean S, April B, David S, Lori-anne B; Avram S, Daniel S, Johnny B, Rob Y & the other Grade 5/6 boys; Belle S, and Tasja B; Becci M, Olivia & family; Natalie B & family, Debbie F for her two dozen cookies, Twyla M from the Food Bank, the whole HART team of volunteers, Belgravia Elementary School for their support with equipment, and of course, Belgravia Community League for hosting this wonderful event.

Attached is a thank you letter we received from the Edmonton Food Bank.

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