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With the new bylaw permitting garage suites and “skinny” houses, there are so many applications for development permits being submitted for this type of development in Belgravia that rather than trying to keep everyone up-to-date via our newsletter, we will post updates on this page. In this way, neighbours will know as soon as possible what is being proposed in close proximity to their homes.

Check back in August for updates, as we are currently building a list of applications to post here. Thanks!

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    • Hi Maria,

      Susan Kamp ( is the BCL Director who is informed about development permits that require variances in Belgravia. She posted a summary of those in the Belgravian Newsletter (go to, click on Newsletter and then click again on November 2016. Once the newsletter is loaded on your computer, go to page 9 for a summary of the development permits that occurred in Belgravia in 2015. The BCL is notified only about developments that require a variance. All Development Applications though are published in the Journal on a regular basis. For instance, in today’s Journal the following development permit for a RA7 zoned log along 71 Avenue in Belgravia was published:
      Job No 239430281-001: To construct an Apartment House (16 Dwellings), with underground parkade.
      11416 – 71 AVENUE NW Plan 1623843 Blk 13 Lot 85
      We will let Susan know about your interest in the Development Applications on the BCL webpage and aim to post any development application the BCL is notified about because it has a variance.

      Thanks for your interest,
      The BCL Communications Team

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