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Welcome to Belgravia Co‐operative Playschool!

We are a not‐for‐profit co‐operative school promoting learning through play. We strive to give children the tools to develop their physical, psychological, social and emotional potential, and to foster their confidence to explore the world around them. We recognize that children each progress at their own rate, and therefore endeavour to provide an environment that is both developmentally appropriate for their age group, but also flexible enough to cater to individual needs.

Our School
The school is located in the Belgravia Community League Building. It is a bright, sunny classroom with access to a full kitchen as well as a large space for gym-type activities. Right beside the building is a playground and Belgravia Elementary School is right next door. Some of the children’s daily activities are teacher-directed, but the majority of their time at school is self-directed. A wide range of materials, arranged at various centres throughout the classroom, is aimed at giving each child the opportunity to follow their own interests while still participating in the program as a whole. Centres available on a daily basis include art, dramatic play, blocks, manipulatives (i.e. puzzles, small blocks, stringing beads, etc.), and a book area. Daily activities usually include songs, stories, finger plays, music, large muscle and/or creative movement activities and sensory activities such as the sand or water table. Weather permitting, children also have outdoor playtime daily.

Age Requirements
Children must be at least 36 months old to attend the program. Generally, three‐year‐olds attend the Tuesday/Thursday session and four‐year‐olds attend the Monday/Wednesday/Friday session, but this is not a strict rule. You can register your child for the session that works best, or for both sessions. Split sessions (for example, Tuesday/Thursday plus a Wednesday) are allowed as long as there is space but full session registrations get priority.

Toilet Training
Children should be toilet‐trained to attend Belgravia Co‐operative Playschool. It not fully potty trained, children should wear a pull-up, and if a child has an accident while class is in session, the parent will be notified and required to come to playschool immediately to help the child. Repeated accidents may result in a family being asked to temporarily withdraw their child until toilet training is improved. Parents may also choose or be required to attend playschool with their child to be on hand in case of accidents.


Registration fee: $100 per child (non-refundable and non-transferable). This fee is required to hold a spot for the child, and is only charged if there is a spot for the child. First come first served. There is no fee to be on a wait list.

2018-2019 Monthly Fee (September – June):

3 Year Old Program – Tuesdays and Thursdays: $134 per month/$1340 per year
4 Year Old Program – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: $201 per month/$2010 per year
Lunch Program – Monday to Friday: $55 per month for 1 day/$550 per year


Parent Handbook – Revised 2018/2019
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