2009 September Minutes

1 Call to Order Meeting called to order 7:40 p.m. on September 3, 2009
2 Introductions /Attendance Present: Parker Fjeldberg, Gwen Berdan., Sandy Guilbert, Rob Hutchinson, Gary TkachukGuest: Kate Russell, Lily Staples, Wen Kauffman, Nate Box, Terje and Lillian Beyer, Marie Walker
3 Approval of Agenda Add: Arts ParkMOTION: Sandy moves and Lily seconds that we approve agenda as amended. Carried
4 Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting MOTION: Rob moves and Sandy seconds that we approve June 4, 2009 minutes. Carried
5 Nate Box Nate is in the process of purchasing Hulbert’s restaurant (closed July 31.) Is experiencing some delays with the changeover from Chris and Cameron to Nate. Plan to reopen in fall-winter as a full service restaurant offering contemporary North American food. Tentative name is Elm Café. All are welcome.
6 President’s Report
  • Welcome Back to All
  • Lombardi Apartments – Rumors abound, nothing concrete about this development.
  • We start the year with a number of positions unfilled. These include: Hall Rental, Maintenance, Programs, and Vice President. Will post in upcoming newsletter but please help recruit. With the absence of a Hall Rental person we will honor current users and renters but will not be able to take on new renters.
  • AGM Report – Went well
  • Website- Chris (Hulbert’s) will continue to be webmaster but will show us how we can post our own items on the site as well.
  • Other Duties – Tabled until we get a fuller slate.
7 Treasurer’s Report Jim Yih absentJim has met with Grant and the changeover has occurred. Parker has been overseeing the position since Grant stepped down at the end of last fiscal year.
8 Arts Park September 24 workbee to install edging; volunteers neededRecently the Belgravia Arts Park won the Edmonton Horticultural Society’s award for best Volunteer-Maintained Garden. Congratulations and thank you to Belgravia volunteers!

Partners and Parks, and Maintenance Agreements being put in place whereby Belgravia agrees to maintain the plantings and man-made items in the Park.

Two new sculptures have been approved and will be installed.

MOTION: Sandy moves and Gwen seconds that BCL pay up to $875 towards the sculpture installation. Carried

9 Civics CACCL No meetings over the summer. Sandy is the chair of the committee.
New Boundaries for McKernan – Belgravia. As a Community League, McKernan will not pursue the issue; the push must come from the people living in west McKernan. In the meantime we can refer west McKernan issues to the McKernan contacts.

Community League Development Plan ARP – We were approved for same but there has been no new activity.

Scona Pool – Reopened, and offering lessons, rentals, and public swim. Open daily for public swim including 7+ hours on the weekends. Thank you to those Belgravians who worked to keep the pool open. Will hear more towards the end of fall as to the long term future.

10 Membership Membership Drive starting up this September – October. Contact Therese if you can help by canvassing. Discounts at public recreation facilities with CL memberships.
11 Playschool Update on budget and enrollment – New: Surplus of $4,500, deficit is eliminated.Cleaning and H1N1 Flu Planning – See below

Licensing Update – Playschool and BOSC sorting it out

Request for Storage space above boot area – APPROVED

Request for teacher to access Playschool on weekends – APPROVED. Informed committees that Brownies need exclusive use during their time as per their regulations

For Playschool report see report appended to original minutes.

Discussion regarding Cleaning and Flu Virus prevention. Varying interpretations of indications for hand sanitizer.

Lily to look into costs of increasing frequency of cleaning via mid-weekly cleaner. Rob will look into a different faucet that is easier to use. Concerns with present cleaner to be brought to BCL.

12 BOSC Lunch Money – Lunch program has funds left after the program was collapsed. (School operates their own lunch program now)MOTION: Sandy moves and Gwen seconds that $1100 remaining in Lunch Program account be transferred to BOSC. Carried

Terms of Reference: Requested to accept document as information. Board to review and send feedback to Rob.

Proposal to put bi-fold doors on cloakroom to accommodate users. Rob got two quotes – from Terry Kuzyk and Dave Richards. Suggest re-key the blue room door $50.

MOTION: Rob moves and Sandy seconds that BCL designate the Blue Room as dedicated space to BOSC subject to definition of terms of use being put in TOR (currently under negotiation) at a cost not to exceed $450. Carried

For BOSC report see report appended to original minutes

13 Transportation City Administration recommends the North route for West LRT, to go along Stony Plain Road. The previously considered route was along University Avenue with a new bridge being required. Open Houses are scheduled for September 29 and 30th when we can hear the information and provide feedback. City Council Public Hearing November 9.
Parking Restrictions – Parking is increasing near the LRT. Restrictions were approved but the signs are not up yet. Residents can go get their placard for their vehicle(s) at Planning and Development (5th Floor HSBC building)

Shortcutting study – There was to be a shortcutting study, but we have not heard anything since. Sandy will look into.

14 Maintenance Terry sent a summary, which will be circulated. It says:Furnaces : done

Overhead lights: Near completion, need to do main hall still

Windows: done

Weeping tile: done

Storage room floor: Back to square 1. Need to contract out

Mailbox: beginning of September

Doors sticking: beginning of September

Cupboard and Range Hood: Not done yet

Terry is available for contract work Will do what he can.

15 CRC
  • Free Admission Day to City owned and Operated Attractions and select Leisure Facilities Sunday Sept 27
  • Parker will talk to city about status of STEP grant
  • Data Portraiture – Need to consult neighboring residents, and community league. An open house type event is more appropriate than a paper and pencil survey. A league rep or committee need to work on this with Will. Sandy agrees to take this on.
  • Neighborhood Crime Map – See what type of crimes, and the time frames that crimes occur in specific neighborhoods. Please report anything that is a problem (780-423-4567) as the statistics are captured and planning is done based on those stats http:crimemapping.edmontonpolice.ca Belgravia_watch@yahoo.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Neighborhood Engagement November 19 workshop with Jim Diers. More info in next meeting.
  • Summer Playground program at McKernan – Went well. Belgravia might consider funding a PortaPotty for the program next summer. Gwen to do survey on behalf of the league.
  • 2010 City-run Programs. BCL does not have a Program Coordinator. We would like to host a Learn to Skate Program though. Kate to send Gwen the Learn to Skate and other Programs available through the City. Gwen will look for someone to coordinate various programs from within those interested families.
  • See Kate’s notes.

Gwen left. No further minutes taken.

16 Hall Renos Hall Renovations – Nothing recorded but outside of the meeting Rob says they met with city. Developing to the North or East are both still options.
17 Old/ New Business
18 Community Announcements School Fun Auction Nov 14School Bottle Drive September 26
19 Next Meeting October 1, 2009 at 7:30 p.m.Agenda Items to Gwen secretary@belgraviaedmonton.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
20 Adjournment MOTION:
21 Authenticating Signatures President _________________________________
Vice President _________________________________

Secretary _________________________________

Treasurer _________________________________

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