2009 October Minutes

1 Call to Order Meeting called to order 7:40 p.m. on October 1, 2009
2 Introductions /Attendance Present:   Parker Fjeldberg, Gwen Berdan., Sandy Guilbert, Rob Hutchinson, Jim Kennedy, Sherry Connors, Dave BryantGuests: Kate Russell, Cameron Gertz. Chris Martyniuk, Ruth Byrne, Reg Norby
3 Approval of Agenda Add:  New Business Hall UsersMOTION: Sandy moves and Reg seconds that we approve agenda as amended.  Carried
4 Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting MOTION: Rob moves and Sandy seconds that we approve September 3, 2009 minutes.  Carried
5 Guests See #15
6 President’s Report Parker and other Ward 5 CL Presidents went on a bus tour with Ward 5 councilors, viewed new Rec Centre on 23 Ave and other new developments in Ward 5.
We need more keyfobs and want them programmed to allow more flexibility with times.  Although fobs (and previously keys) get lost occasionally the replacement of fobs is inexpensive.  Re-keying the building is expensive.  Expectation with motion below is that this initial work be done as a paid job given the time it would take a new person to set-up system from scratch.

Motion: Gwen moves and Rob seconds that we have Ron Maskell reprogram key fobs at a cost not to exceed $200.  Carried

Motion: Gwen moves and Sandy seconds that we approve Sherry Connor as Hall Rental Manager and Dave Bryant as Rink Manager. Carried. Hall rental is a voting position and rink manager is not.  Carried.  Gwen will send Ice Making Workshop info to Dave.  Parker will orient Sherry to Hall Rental position.

MotionSandy moves and Gwen seconds that we waive the fees for Janis Sasaki to use the hall approximately 6 times per year for meetings; Hall rental agreement will be applied as normal.  Carried

Crime Watch / Security Meeting for Belgravia scheduled for October 15 at 7:30 at the BCL hall.  Will discuss Microdot and other security ideas.  The meeting and other aspects of Crime Watch will be in newsletter.  Notice posted in newsletter as well.  Websites to watch. www.belgraviaedmonton.ca http:crimemapping.edmontonpolice.ca Belgravia_watch@yahoo.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

7 Treasurer’s Report Jim was absentTelephone problem has been addressed, action taken to prevent a recurrence.  Apologies to people wishing to call in and out of the hall during the disruption.

Motion: Sandy moves and Rob seconds that, as they have resigned their positions on the BCL board, Martyn Unsworth and Grant Hutcheon be removed as signing authorities on the Belgravia Community League accounts and that Jim Yih, as Treasurer have the signing authority along with President Parker and Secretary Gwen.  Signatures of any two signing authorities are accepted for cheques.  Carried

Belgravia Softball account.  BCL has a Softball account at the TD bank.  Previous signing authorities on that account relinquished their signing authority, and this summer transferred signing authority to current BCL executive.  Softball has been inactive for many years; there is not a demand for the sport in this community.

Motion: Gwen moves and Sandy seconds that BCL collapse the Softball league designation; close the bank account; and transfer the remaining funds to Belgravia Community League – General account.  Carried. Parker will bring relevant paperwork along with these minutes to the TD bank so account can be closed.

8 H1N1 Flu Virus Thank you to Lily and Wen for raising the topic last meeting. Gwen spoke with Health Link Alberta, Alberta Health Services, Infection Control Services Misericordia Hospital, Jennifer and BOSC staff, school custodian and secretary, reviewed websites and reviewed last month’s discussion.  A proposed position for BCL addressing prevention of catching and transmitting the virus and a plan if a pandemic occurs was presented for discussion.  Discussion around what our responsibility is, do we need a position or is it more informing people what we have done / are doing. Gwen will tidy up and send around for comments.  Respond to secretary@belgraviaedmonton.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
9 Casino Rules Review Alberta Gaming and Liquor Control board is reviewing the existing model and seeking input into several aspects of charities’ access to and distribution of Casino proceeds specifically regarding timing, distribution of proceeds and number of volunteers used. Discussion meeting is October 6.  BCL will write a letter and / or participate in meeting. Reg Norby as BCL Casino rep drafted a response for BCL for consideration.  He’ll send it electronically.  Please review and send comments. norby@shaw.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
10 Hall Renovations / Maintenance Discussion:  It has been reported that the children are often unable to turn on the current taps and as a result they are not washing their hands.  This is a concern especially with the H1N1 flu season approaching.Motion:  Rob moves and Sandy seconds that BCL replace the taps in boys and girls washrooms with a model that is easier to open than the current taps, at a cost not to exceed $500. Carried

Updates on the outstanding tasks:

Cloak room doors – In process

Doorbell not working – Repaired

Request from community league member for lights on for Friday evening soccer – Will do this week and review how to do it for remainder of season

Overhead lights replacements in main hall – Completed

Storage room floor repair – Back to square 1.  Need to contract out

Mailbox installation – Not done yet

Unstick doors – Completed

Cupboard and Range Hood installation – Not done yet

11 Civics Nothing to Report
12 Programs There is interest in a Learn to Skate skating program for playschool aged and likely for school aged children.  Gwen will look for a facilitator within those interested families. Suggest 3 -5 pm on Wednesday for 6 or 8 weeks.
There is some interest shown in Adult Programs of Chili Bakeoff, Oktoberfest type events

For the City operated children’s programs the cost works out to ~ $10 per child for a 2 hour session.

City is hosting a Programs night October 15 for people interested in developing their ideas.  Gwen will attend.

Promotion of select programs can be through BCL website, newsletter, schools, and Central Areas of Community Leagues.

13 Transportation Parking Restrictions – Implemented September 24. Residents can complete a Residential Parking Permit Application to get their vehicle sticker.  Call 311 or check www.edmonton.ca website. Enforcement will be in the form of warnings initially.
Traffic – If traffic problems due to LRT arms dysfunction also call the EPS non-emergency number 780432-3456 as they may help with the actual traffic while problem being resolved.

Shortcutting study – The study was done, results not available.  Suggest it be repeated once Quesnel on ramp opens (mid-November).

14 BOSC Report provided. Next BOSC meeting October 13Jennifer is tracking time, Committee is looking at finances but no decisions made for this year.
15 CRC Need to submit copy of cheques for completed work to City for those items approved for the Renovation/Maintenance Grant.  Gwen let Jim know which cheques still need to be submitted and where by October 23
Neighborhood Engagement November 19 workshop with Jim Diers.  Send 1 -2 people.

See Kate’s CRC notes.

1617 Old/ New Business Vandalism / Graffiti – City will clean Playground and Hall, not the private residence also tagged in same incident.  City has Gwen as contact person on this.
Hall Users meeting being scheduled.  Rob circulated a Draft Hall Users Agreement and Conflict Resolution format.  Review and respond to Rob pastpresident@belgraviaedmonton.ca.

Chris and Cameron announced that a new deal could not be reached with the landlord and that no new restaurant will be coming on to the Hubert’s site. Such a shame!  Chris and Cameron both restated their interest in working with Belgravians.  Chris is very keen to help us use our website to its best advantage.  Cameron participated in the discussions throughout the meeting and will find a role for himself.

18 Community Announcements Nov 14 School Fun Auction Please support it with your donationsOctober 25 Pumpkin Party for the 27th Annual – free

October 15 Crime Watch Meeting 7:30 at BCL hall

Twitter and Facebook – EFCL workshop

19 Next Meeting November 5, 2009 at 7:30 p.m.Agenda Items to Gwen secretary@belgraviaedmonton.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
20 Adjournment MOTION: Rob moves to adjourn the meeting
21 Authenticating Signatures President               _________________________________
Vice President       _________________________________

Secretary               _________________________________

Treasurer               _________________________________

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