2009 January Minutes

1 Call to Order Meeting called to order 7:40 p.m. on January 8, 2009
2 Introductions /Attendance Present:   Martyn Unsworth, Parker Fjeldberg, Gwen Berdan., Ron Maskell,Guests: Kate Russell, Becky Luckert, Wen Kauffman, Jennifer Andrew, Martin Connors, Binh Truong

Regrets: Grant Hutcheon

3 Approval of Agenda Could not pass motion to approve agenda as we did not have quorum.  Preceded anyway, will table decision making until another board member arrives.
4 Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting MOTION: Martyn moves and Sandy seconds that we approveNovember 26, 2009 and December 8, 2008 regular board meeting minutes as presented. Tabled as no quorum.

Will need to review January plus above 2 sets of minutes in February.

5 Guests:BOSC – Wen and Jennifer

CRC Report:

See # 9

Verbal report, print copy is sent to Gwen. Briefly summarized.

  • Thanks for cheque from BCL for $5000.
  • BOSC members inquiring if membership cheques cashed yet – No.
  • Tim Baier is on BOSC Board
  • Currently have a $21,000 balance but need to do withdrawals still. Provided a 6 month projection showing BOSC running at a deficit.  Hosting an Emergency Meeting to discuss imposing a Levy of ~$400 per family that uses BOSC (excluding Lunch). Applies to 32 families. Parker will attend on behalf of BCL.
  • BCL (Gwen) will participate in discussions with YMCA on Jan 26.
  • BCL will clarify with BOSC the mid day usage and room set-up now that lunch has moved to school.
6.0 President’s Report Sandy, Will and Parker meeting with counselors later this month regarding Belfree outstanding issues.Lombardi Apartments – city planners now involved, city architect working with Developer’s architect to see if plan can better address Community, City Planning, and Developer issues.
7.0 TransportationEdmonton Clinic

Parking Restriction Program

LRT Compensation

In September 2008 Parker and Sandy met with City, University, Capital Health, University Hospital regarding University Ave and 115 St. traffic. Requested that a public meeting be held.Starting the “detour” spring 2009 to help with construction vehicles (clinic opens 2012)

Discussion and concerns about lack of consultation with residents, impact on property owners, impact on pedestrian access, lack of information available from city, and possibly incorrect info on the notice.

Reinforced need to communicate plans with residents

Parker will request a community meeting with parties and counselors to discuss issues and concerns.  Residents requested to cc emails to Sandy so she can be kept aware.

Still need volunteers to go door-to-door with petition.

Martyn’s letter to City regarding transit pass request for BelMac residents as compensation and to encourage use. Not well received. No further action.

8.0 Treasurer’s Report Grant H. not present.  No report provided.
9.0 CRCKate.russell


Ph. 496-5915

CRC – continued

  • Possible Learn to Skate program available in spring.  Kate to provide info to Yvette.
  • Community Networking Event to be held in April.  Requesting topic ideas be submitted by end of Jan.
  • Youth Week Edmonton May 1 – 7.  Will submit info to newsletter and website.
  • Ice on Whyte Jan 15 – 25
  • 311 City Info line
  • City crews do playground inspections monthly (780) 496-7320 and snow clearing 8 x per year.
  • Sand for residential and community use is available in a green box on south side of little tots playground.  Help yourself.
  • SOGO National web-based program.  Increasing Youth activity.  Will submit to newsletter and website.
  • Ride to Survive in Belgravia May 9
  • Funbag leaders for AGM in June.  Need to confirm dates
  • Pleasantview offering a Spring Break mini program.

Need to apply for STEP grant for Green Shack program. Consider Belgravia offering our location in 2010 as McKernan is converting their wading pool to a splash park that year.  Group needs access to washroom or arrange for Portapotty.

10 Hall Use Shoveling – BCL is responsible.  Parker to ask BCL Rink guys and to approach Park Paving



Central Areas Council Community League


Jan 21 University meeting discuss South Campus Plan.
Martyn stepping down as VP as of June, advertise in newsletter and website

CACCL Communities are responding to Infill Housing Guidelines.  Gwen or Sandy to ask Marcel H. to review and draft a Belgravia community response to the Guidelines, and provide to CACCL.

12.0 Maintenance No report


Planning and DevelopmentHall Renos

Secondary Suites

NAIT students done their drawings.  Will arrange a date to review same. BCL will treat the winners to a dinner at NAIT.
Secondary Suites, Tabled to January 19 city council to come up with pros and cons for various items. Gwen to review planner’s report and submit Belgravia response.
14 Old Business Playschool motion regarding $2000 for countertop / cupboard.  Will send electronically as no quorum present and has already been tabled once.
16 New Business AGM – Set a date for early June.Newsletter – correct BCL meeting time posted to read 7:30
17 Community Announcements Newsletter deadline January 9BOSC Mtg Parking Restriction Program

Tuesday – Gwen to attend.

Family Game Night – December 12

Adult Card Night – Jan 9, 7 – 9

18 Next Meeting February 5, 2009Agenda Items to Gwen  secretary@belgraviaedmonton.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
19 Adjournment MOTION: Gwen moved that we adjourn.  Adjourned at 9:30
20 Authenticating Signatures President               _________________________________
Vice President       _________________________________

Secretary               _________________________________

Treasurer               _________________________________

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