2009 February Minutes

1 Call to Order Meeting called to order 7:40 p.m. on February 5, 2009
2 Introductions /Attendance Present:   Parker Fjeldberg, Grant Hutcheon, Gwen Berdan., Sandy Guilbert, Yvette Maskell, Rob Hutchinson, Terry Kuzyk,Guests: Kate Russell, Dorothy Turek, Wen Kauffman, Martin Connors, Will Bauer, Greg Kauffman

Regrets: Martyn Unsworth

3 Approval of Agenda Add: Mature Neighborhoods to Planning Section: 114A St Development application

: Busway

: Garage Suite application for 115  71 Ave address

: Programs

Move: 115 Street / Edmonton Clinic from Planning to Transportation

Sandy moves and Grant seconds that we approve agenda as amended.  Carried

4 Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting MOTION: ______ moves and ______ seconds that we approveNovember 26, 2009, December 4, 2008, and January 8, 2009 board meeting minutes as presented.November – Moved by Gwen seconded by Sandy.  Carried

December – Moved by Sandy seconded by Grant.  Carried

January – moved by Gwen seconded by Martin. Carried

5 President’s Report Whew, what a busy few months with planning and other issues Thank you all for your efforts.  See below.
6 Treasurer’s Report Account balance basically unchanged.Membership cheques received and will be processed

Grant will step down as Treasurer as of March 31, end of fiscal year.  Will prepare year end books for AGM as this was his time period.  The bookkeeping was not too onerous, however having to prepare multiple reports on top of the bookkeeping has been more than Grant is prepared to continue.

Audit – had to provide info ++ to Alberta Gaming. Just our turn at the process, not due to anything we did or did not do.

Operating and Maintenance Grants due April 1

STEP Grant.   Grant and Gwen to complete for 2009

7 Programs Summer Camp August 10 – 14 “It’s a Pirate’s Life”Ages 7 – 12. Yvette will post info at school, newsletter, and website.

Playground – All current bills paid, still waiting for some final bills

8 Planning and Development Infill Guidelines – Executive Council heard it at end of January.  Referred back to Planning Department for June for them to identify:

  • potential pitfalls from the guidelines that may create a conflict between the neighbourhoods and the developers.
  • Seek further Edmonton Design Committee’s input
  • Provide a written response to the comments provided by the EFCL
  • Which areas the guidelines do not overlay neatly given unique patterns of existing intensification.
  • A commentary on “must” versus “will” versus “should.”
  • Some examples of the zoning amendments that might come forward.
  • Greater specificity on the permitted locations for mid- and high-rise developments (roadway access).

Mature Neighborhoods Land Use Planning Study

Select mature neighborhoods (like Belgravia McKernan) that are experiencing higher development demands will be considered as part of the study.  Will be brought back to city council in June.

Secondary and Garage Suites January 2, 2009  Bylaw passed that removes locational restrictions for Secondary Suites, thereby allowing suites in RF1, RF2, and RF3 locations (ie Single family dwellings).  Must still apply for and meet requirements before a development and building license are issued.  Garage, and Garden Suites remain a Discretionary Use. Ie. Must provide notice to neighbors, there is a right of appeal by Planning and neighbors.   Belgravia, CACCL and EFCL participated in Public Hearings and strongly recommended that Secondary Suites be a Discretionary Use and that Owner-Occupied be a requirement.  Neither requirement was adopted in the Bylaw.  If you note problems with homes with secondary suites please inform the community as well as bylaw enforcement (ph. 311)

Lombardi Apartments 76 Ave and 115 St – Developer met with city staff to attempt to produce a plan that met developer, community and Planning Department issues; however they are at an impasse.  Developer must decide if they want to proceed without the Planning Department’s support.  Planning’s key issues are around height and number of floors.  Community issues with designs we have previously seen are around mass, sun shadow on neighbors, etc.

114A St Development Application – Resident applying to rezone to allow for a duplex or to subdivide lot into 2 narrow lots.  SDAB upheld the original decision to not grant a license for this use.

115 St and 71 Ave Garage Suite Development application.  Neighbor raised concerns through another member present at the meeting.  Concerned that house could have a Secondary Suite and a Garage Suite, concerned regarding increased rental properties in a concentrated area.  Garage Suites are zoned as a Discretionary Use.  Suggested that neighbor ask to see the plan to determine what the possible impacts might be to the “use and enjoyment of abutting properties” such as hers.  Clarified that either a SS or a GS could be approved but not both.  City council’s stated direction is to look at ways to increase density, especially in central neighborhoods.

Hall Renovations – NAIT to do their presentations later this month.  We are to select the Top 3 that address the presented needs.  Will suggest the February 17th date and ask that we have opportunity to view designs in advance.

9 TransportationEdmonton Clinic / 115 St University Avenue


Concerns about traffic and poor communication / consultation with affected residents.  The January meeting was well attended by concerned community members, City Counselors, Developer, Alberta Health, University Hospital, and City Transportation Department representative.  A Traffic Impact Assessment will occur and we are told to anticipate changes on University Avenue(???)
Alberta Health Services Follow-Up report:

“Alberta Health Services have accepted the recommendations presented by residents at the January 22nd meeting and revised their plans. The plan, which has been approved by the City of Edmonton Transportation Department, includes:

  • there will be no changes at 115 A Street (we will reinstate the median to what it originally was)
  • there will be no changes south of University Avenue at 115 Street
  • traffic lights at 115 Street
  • left hand turn in both directions on University Avenue at 115 Street
  • supplementary paint lines guiding traffic on the roadway and signage as required.”

February 9, 2009 7:30 at BCL hall to review plan and learn more.

Parker, Sandy, and Will met with counselors in January  City will monitor noise and numbers on the Busway.  If numbers exceed 600 vehicles per day we can negotiate for alternatives.

10 Civics University is developing a specific website to contain all Community Consultation information.
11 Hall Maintenance Ongoing.  Please continue to identify issues as neededSnow shoveling.  No volunteers have stepped up.  We hired Park Paving one time.  Parker will investigate costs to hire someone on an as needed or regular basis.
12 Old Business MOTION: Sandy moves and Gwen seconds that BCL provide $2000 to purchase and install counter and cupboard for Playschool Room.  Email / telephone vote.  Motion passed.
13 BOSCYMCA Proposal

BOSC – other

Brought forward a proposal that BOSC be disbanded and that BCL enter a contract for childcare services with YMCA.They explored having the Y do it at school or in portable.  Neither option was viable.

Proven childcare provider offering service in schools and communities. Are a paying tenant, big enough to ride highs and lows,  Prefer / require exclusivity, no rollaway (except for 9 -11 a.m.) storage at BCL is an issue, needed dedicated non-shared office, require a dedicated fridge and freezer, provides cleaning and repair, cannot handle drop-in (full time is a priority).  BOSC recommends BCL supports this option.  Will continue to operate as BOSC until they hear otherwise.

There is interest from BCL in further investigating this option.  AGLC has some regulations regarding exclusivity that must be considered.

Next Steps:

Gwen contact YMCA to set up meeting – Interest from Grant, Sandy, Gwen

Gwen will contact Communities that use YMCA in halls for feedback on their leases and experiences with Y

BOSC will provide FTE figures to BCL

No summer 2009 program

Levy Meeting on January 20 – 9 cheques received, 4 withdrawals

Internet access now in place

New proposed fee structure for 2009 – 10

Is handling Promotions for school and OSC
Did receive outstanding volunteer cheque from member.

Hall Renovation – Idea raised by a BOSC parent to Rebuild the hall rather than renovate.  Rebuild is not supported at this time.

14 Community Public Arts Grant Will Bauer proposes an art “project” for Belgravia. This interactive multi-media data portrait was pioneered by Will and a form of it can be viewed atwww.edmontonriver.ca.  His current proposal is to feature Belgravia.   Funding is through a Community Public Arts Grant, BCL commits emotional and cultural support, and a venue. Will Bauer will assist BCL with application.  See attachment.MOTION: Sandy moves and Rob /Terry seconds that BCL pursue the Community Public Arts Grant Program for a project designed by Will Bauer.  Carried
15 CRC STEP and CSJ Grant workshops next weekMarch 21 Board Leadership Workshop, deadline Mar 14

April 1 Operating and Maintenance Grant deadline.  Terry will identify which projects we should propose for this funding.

Sand is available for personal use- Green bin in lower playground

Edmonton Rush discounted tix for EFCL members

Edmonton 311 for city services and departments

Parkallen was selected to partner with the city for the Ecomobility challenge. Belmac was in the top 5.

Front Yards in Bloom

May 9 Ride to Survive held in Belgravia

June 7 1 – 2 Funbag workers to help with children’s activities during the AGM.

Aug 10 – 14 Pirates program in Belgravia. Ages 7 – 12

BelMac Green Shack summer program held at McKernan.  City funds 7 weeks with programming ending mid-August.  An option for communities to fund the August 17 – 21 week themselves.

MOTION:  Gwen moves and Grant seconds that we fund the 1 un-funded week in August. Motion carried

16 New Business AGM –June 7 BBQ, Entertainment, AGM, and Special Guest.  Suggest to have special guest at end of meeting to prevent people ensure people stay for both. Parker to invite Don Iveson again.  Suggest the entertainment be local musical groups. Gwen will contact Luciana S to further develop the idea, and will put in a notice in the newsletter.
Soccer registration – Linda Cameron March 9 at BCL Hall

Crime – Martin has seen a recent increase in property crime.  Will be forwarded Richard Law’s contact info.

17 Community Announcements Newsletter deadline February 6Adult Card Night February 6

Belgravia Parent Council Feb 9, 6:30, Belgravia School

115 St and University Avenue Feb 9 7:30, BCL Hall

18 Next Meeting March 5 , 2009Agenda Items to Gwen  secretary@belgraviaedmonton.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
19 Adjournment MOTION: Terry moved that we adjourn.  Adjourned at 10:30 p.m.
20 Authenticating Signatures President               _________________________________
Vice President       _________________________________

Secretary               _________________________________

Treasurer               _________________________________

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