2008 December Minutes

1 Call to Order Meeting called to order 7:33 p.m.
2 Introductions /Attendance Present: Martyn Unsworth, Grant Hutcheon, Sandy Guilbert, Gwen Berdan.,Guests: Kate Russell, Dorothy Turek, Jamie Loebenberg
3 Approval of Agenda MOTION: Ron moves and Terry seconds that we approve agenda as presented.  Carried
4 Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting Sandy and Grant Nov 6November 26 minutes tabled as people have not had opportunity to view them

MOTION: Grant moves and Sandy seconds that we approve November 6, 2008 meeting minutes as presemted.  Carried.


CRC Report:

Kate.russell@edmonton.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Ph.  496-5915

Post CRC info on website.Learn to Skate – too late now Parkallen is full, Malmo program is available but need to phone them. Let Yvette know.

Ride to Survive May 9, 1 – 4 All we do is register, and a league person to be present.

AGM Fun bag leaders June

Let Kate know if we want additional programs.


6 President’s Report No Report
7.1 Hall Rental New cleaners did the waxing, REM Cleaners satisfactoryCapital CityCleaners Ends November Sunday and new starts in January
8 Treasurer’s Report Profit LossPrevious Year Comparison

Income increase Casino

Misc some reason

Arts Park maintenance costs dropping

Hall use is high due to audit

Cleaning is high, caught up with invoicing

Membership looks low- hasn’t received $ yet


Green Shack – Splash Pad

Playground Haven’t paid the invoices (or brought things to Grant)

Not for circulation.  Will discuss in January

Audit Were audited for 2006 – 2007 We are Audited for April – October 2008 Casino Account.  Suggest that Grant call them and request extension, consideration, or something


Central Areas Council Community League


South Campus Presentation is on website.  Martyn to make a summary and post on website.  Meeting was well attended,
CACCL Communities response to Infill Housing Guidelines.  Ask Marcel to draft a Belgravia community response

Thank you for the

10 Snow shoveling
Playschool Going fine, not full but close to capacityCounter top – L shaped with cabinets below.  Increases storage since keeping all Playschool and the Kindercare.  Quote is $2000 countertop, sink and demolition. $5000 includes cabinets.

Sandy moves and Gwen seconds that we increase the previous May 2008 motion of 1500 to 2000.  No quorum, so will send the motion electronically for review.

BOSC Report appended.Lunch program moving to school January 5.  Will need to discuss logistics regarding mid day usage and room set-up.
11 Transportation 115 Street / Edmonton.Clinic  Not receiving necessary info as far as transportation
SLRT – lack of continuous sidewalk to MUT 74 Ave and 79 Ave

Busway – meeting with counselors in January.

ECO MOBILTY – Joint Proposal with McKernan submitted by due date, will decide by mid Dec and start working with a community in January 2009.  Have narrowed it to top 5.  Send info to Martyn.

Parking Restriction Need people to take petition around 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., 2 hrs is a general guideline but each block decides what works.

Martyn’s letter to City regarding transit pass request.  Anderson Counter productive to give us a pass.  We actually lose service between Belgravia and University as less frequent given so many busses

Maintenance Will do range hood and cupboard, chair rail, and mailbox before Christmas
12 Membership No report
13 Secondary Suites, yes broker a deal with University students plus CACCL person,Bylaw yes find out how they work and if can provide
14 Old Business
15 New Business Bylaws (BCL) and boundariesMary Catharine

Grant has not met with Bridge Ladies re Hall Use

16 Community Announcements Newsletter  deadline JCriterion Pics send email

BOSC Martyn and Gwen

Card Night Grant asks if Adult Card Night includes Strrip poker

User Group Meeting   January – agenda items exclusivity, cleaning. Storage, shoveling,

17 Next Meeting Agenda Items to Gwen  secretary@belgraviaedmonton.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
18 Adjournment MOTION: Sandy moved hat we adjourn.  Adjourned at 9:39 pm.
Sandy missing January meeting
19 Authenticating Signatures President               _________________________________
Vice President       _________________________________

Secretary               _________________________________

Treasurer               _________________________________

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