2008 November Minutes

1 Call to Order Meeting called to order 7:33 p.m. November 6, 2008
2 Introductions /Attendance Present: Grant, Parker, Sandy, Gwen., Ron, Terry, Jim,Guests: Kate, Jane, Anita
3 Approval of Agenda MOTION: Ron moves and Terry seconds that we approve agenda as presented.  Carried
4 Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting Amendment – Item 11 Transportation- Should say No right turn on red lightfrom 76 Ave onto 114 Street southbound once sign in placeMOTION: Grant moves and Sandy seconds that we approve October 2, 2008 meeting minutes as amended.  Carried.




Anita and Jane

Rink – Jim

CRC Report:

Kate.russell@edmonton.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Ph.  496-5915

Report appended.Undated Volunteer Cheque still outstanding for a few families

Provincial Regulations – needs an emergency after hours number

Communication – request that BCL board speak with BOSC board, not BOSC exec director, request that BCL member follow through with commitment to install Internet in hall

Lunch Program – lunch program at school proposal

YMCA – Partnership proposal

Staffing – Replacement for Shauna

Financials – presented

Proposal that Lunch Program move to school and therefore be administered by school.  As a BCL program, BCL does not have any concerns with Lunch Program moving out of hall.  Bridge ladies minimally impacted as BOSC has been setting out tables and chairs for group.

YMCA – BCL supports BOSC investigating partnership with the YMCA or other group. Details need to be sorted if this looks like a viable option.

MOTION: Gwen moves and Sandy seconds we accept BOSC report as presented.

MOTION: Grant moves and Sandy seconds that BCL schedule a meeting with the BOSC board to resolve the outstanding funding request.  Carried.

Meeting scheduled November 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Requests purchase of an Ice Sweeper $4000 lasts ~ 5 years.  Sweeps snow off ice which lessens the labor for the snow blower.  Storage is a bit of an issue.  Note: McKernan has a separate building for rink equipment and supplies.  Gwen to give Jim a Hall User Needs Survey to complete.

MOTION: Grant moves and Sandy seconds that we table discussion of sweeper purchase until next fall, but that we replace shovels and rink boards now.  Carried.

CRC Report provided.

Safer Communities And Neighborhoods 1-866-960-SCAN


Public Performance License to show vies in the Community


EFCL Community Public Involvement Plan Survey

Community league input into EFCL issues and roles

Local Motion – ECOMobility Project

Looking for a Community to CoHost a pilot Project

Belgravia submitted application and will hear back in December

6 President’s Report – Parker WebsiteAdvertising

– We have been approached by people /groups wanting to advertise.  Go with links rather than accepting advertising.  Still requires approval.  Sandy moves and Gwen seconds that we set up a local BelMac Business Directory link on the website.  Carried.  Encourage people to take out an ad in the Newsletter instead.  Review in 1 year.


– Include the incident log but also include a statement and website link letting people know where they can get complete information on reported crimes in Belgravia and other Edmonton neighborhoods

– BCL Minutes will be posted, first names only.  Will have people sign in to meetings agreeing to their names being posted on website


MOTION:  Gwen moves and Grant seconds that BCL donate a 4 –hour hall rental to the Belgravia School Fun Auction.  All requirements must be met, fees will be waived.  Carried.

7 Hall Rental – Ron Fee Increase review – accepted with no challengesNew Cleaner – Terry will check the references of the proposed new cleaner

Rink room – needs to be cleared out by Nov 7 to prepare for winter

Hall cleanliness / tidiness – ongoing issue.  BOSC will take up with their group.  Ron to pursue with other groups.

8 Treasurer’s Report – Grant Alberta Gaming will meeting with BCL week after next to discuss audit issues.
MOTION: Ron moves and Sandy seconds that our term deposit ($21,000) be reinvested in a GIC.  Carried.

Will provide Profit Loss Statement next month.


Central Areas Council Community League


10 Maintenance
11 Transportation
12 Membership
13 Edmonton Clinic
14 Old Business
15 New Business
16 Community Announcements Newsletter Deadline November 15, 2008Ice Making Workshop November 26, 2008
17 Next Meeting Agenda Items to Gwen  secretary@belgraviaedmonton.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view itDecember 4, 2008 and  January 8, 2009 7:30 p.m.
18 Adjournment MOTION: moved and seconded that we adjourn.  Adjourned at ____ pm.
19 Authenticating Signatures President               _________________________________
Vice President       _________________________________

Secretary               _________________________________

Treasurer               _________________________________

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